Mets target Adam Fraser trades Pedres

The Mets have to look elsewhere to meet the trade deadline.

Adam Frasier, second baseman of the All-Star Pittsburgh Pirates Who did the Mets have any interest in?According to several reports, San Diego Pedres is being sold.

Chances are Tokiopeta Marcano (infielder), Jack Sonski (outfielder) and pitcher Mitchell Miliano will leave for San Diego According to Athletic. The pirates will also send Pedres about 1. 1.4 million in cash to reduce the amount owed to Fraser.

Potential Mets trade target Adam Frazier was traded from pirates to pedres on Sunday.
A potential Mets trade target, Adam Frazier, was dealt with on Sunday by pirates from Pedres.
Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images

Frazier, 29, has won all baseball and will not be eligible for free agency until next season. If the Mets had won the Frasier, that would have meant going to Jeff McNeil’s third base. Frazier brings some perseverance as he also plays outfield and Pedres intends to use him in a very high role, Athletic reported.

Pedres is currently leading the Giants by 5 games in the NL West and has a 5 game lead over the Reds for another NL Wild Card.


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