Mexican Salpica Sangre AMLO rechaza cambiar estrategia

The archetype of the Catholic Church, advocating that the Violence and its structures of the dead have been destroyed in the country, because of the expectation of an act of “the altruism of the prehistoric philosophers”, . “

The three newcomers gobierno revised the security strategies, which are “fracasando” in the country, and convinced a national dialogue to understand “intelligent and integral” actions to consider the paz.

The obespos, like pastors, we want to express our modal toda every now and then and find the dolor that cargamos in our heart; As it turned out, the cruise from the crucible was even more intense, because the tantra sang inocente derramada to the largo or the ancho del país. The endeavors of Violence and its structures have been revealed and established in our communities, defining the human personality and destroying the culture of Paz ”, said the General Secretary of the Confederation of Episcopalism, Ramoso.

The religiosity of the question that the Mexicans expect a response to the altruism of circulation, for the part of the three verses of the gobierno, or that it is the responsibility of those who gossip socially about their faculties

We know that we have to deal with our proprietors and violent social media. The supreme, the rosy, and the exotic in the number of Dios: ast basta de tanta maldad y odio! Porque todos queremos la paz

Raman Castro Castro, Secretary General de la CEM

Castro Castro says that the reality of the Violence of Golpea to all its inhabitants, from the side of the island meets the salpicador of the sangre, of the dead and the desperate.

This is the reality of Violence in Mexico. The despair of those who are searching for their families ”, agregó.

“We know that there are many extras and the total impunitability impresses on all sides”, he said.

The Secretary-General of the CEM said that the situation in Mexico is “insoportable” and that the statement and exaggeration of all the fruits of the paz. For that reason, the Mexican Confederation of Episcopal hizo un llamado a quienes son causantes de todas las atrocidades a dejar de asesinar a sus propios hermanos y de violentar la paz, as como tener temor de Dios.

“We know that the gods have killed their proprietors and violently the social page, recapture the memory of Dios and hagamus prevalecer su ley; Basta de tanta maldad y odio! Porque todos queremos la paz.

“Ya basta! No podemos ser indiferentes y ajenos a lo que nos está afectando a todos”, agreó la nota, que alentó a toda la sociedad a participar en la construcción de paz.

When the state has no territorial control and permits groups of private armies to control it, we call it the state of fallacy, and there are many more that (pass) in Mexico

Juan Hernandez, Rector de la UIA-Torreón

“We’re not going to be able to negate the reality and try to kill the time we’ve had to solve it … We won’t be able to get rid of it, we won’t be able to, we won’t be able to do it”, enfatizó.

The recent ascension of the United Nations and the two Jesuit Jesuits within the Catholic Catalog of Cerocahui, in the regiment of Tarahumara in Chihuahua, is not one of the most important of the valleys and sensibilia sensations a la ladogado. Respect the human dignity, following posterior CEM in a public position.

Además, señaló que, de acuerdo con datos ofikiales, se habla de casi 122 mil asesinatos a manos de los delin d dnte los tres años y medio de la actual gestión. “How many assistants in Mexico! has expressed with the Pope Francis in the General Audience of the 22nd of June this year.”

The CEM executes an investigation into the case of Manera Puntual and casts the responses conforming to Derecho, rehearsing the security strategies “that are fracasando”.

Receiver Jesus in a fallen state in Mexico

The Rector and Directors of the Jesuit University System announced that the country is a fallen state, this, the last of the last in Chihuahua, the sacchardotes Javier Campos and Joaquin Mora, and the Pídro guía.

“When the state has no territorial control and permits groups to control it, it is said that the state has fallen, and there are many more that, desperately in Mexico, the barrios, the barns, the colonies. Cartel, big or small, and the state is very beautiful.

“The publicity in Mexico we are alone, abandoned to our serenity, some to the most beautiful, some to the selva. Rector of the University of Iberoamericana (UIA) Torreón.

Succeeded in Cerocahui reflection of Violence in Mexico, the Social Fracture and the Decision of the Queen, laughing at her, the victims of delinquency

Lorena Giacoman, CDJ Assistant Educator

In the marquee of the Annual Reunion of the Jesuit University System, the rector of the UIA Puebla, Mario Patrón, summed up the exaggeration of truth, justice and reparation, and animosity that, like society, does not normally violate Violence.

Lorena Giacoman, Assistant to the Competition of Jesus, refers to the ascendants as the superheroes who have been told: , la violetcia haciendo el bien, son victimas de la delincuencia organizada “.

Luis Alfonso Gonzalez Valencia, rector of the UIA León, commented that the henchmen of Violence could not conclude with the great love and the dawn of God: This is the great love of Dios, which is why these two devoted their lives to the most despairing in Sierra Tarahumara ”.

The rector of the UIA Ciudad de Mexico, Luis Arriaga Valenzuela, said that it is difficult to be optimists in times of despair.

First Critical, Defined AMLO Plan Anti-Crime

In addition to the endeavors of the Homo sapiens, the balances and the secrets of other sectors, there is no change in the security of the Governorate, even if it is a source of information.

“No, the contrario, this is the camino. All this is the fruit of a politics of corruption, of impunity, which is applied to the times of Felipe Calderón”, he said.

President, but there are more questions than ever before.

ÍSí because no one can get the ransom, from the noch to the mañana, from one day to another, a problem that lleva años and que adámás se propició, se alentó — expuso the mandatario.

The idea that his detractors would try to compare his guests with the goblin of Felipe Calderón, but his different circulations.

We hail what the mistakes in politics are like. Dicen: ‘Es que ahora hay más asesinatos que en la época de Felipe Calderón’. Yes, there are more than enough that we receive the homicidal hasta la punta, hasta mero arriba, y Calderón no recibió así el país, él lo llevó arriba, y todavía en el gobierno pasado le subieron más ”, abundant.

Record that there is a long way to go before we can say goodbye to the things that happen.

“We have many pendents of all cases and, for conviction, for principals, for honesty that, repetition, we consider the most important, we do not believe”, infatuated.

The President is disappointed that the comments of Calderón on social media cause the malestar: además, están defendiendo una estrategia fracasada. What is it that you want? Que usemos toda la fuerza del Estado, que no nos tiemble la mano y que se applique la ley del talión: ojo por ojo y diente por diente. This is the essence of the conscious conservation in this matter, this is what the Calderón will call the guerr a to declare what we have “.

And it turns out that the homicidal is not an assumption that from the federal inquiry: “These hypotheses are the first that has happened to be the last to be hacked and hacked, and we are working hard to make the leap and residues residual. É Who is not an asshole like fuero común? Who doesn’t know that there is a local responsiveness? Y no mencionan eso “.

On the conservation that Papa Francisco expresses about the insecturia in Mexico, AMLO refers to the point that coincides with the fact that Violence is not the solution to the problems.

“We write to the Jesuits and respond to the message of Papa Francisco, that in a very difficult situation, dolorosa esl a message lamentando the situation of Violence in Mexico, but of course. of the violet misi. to ask the paz, that the violetic genera is more violetia ”, subrayó el mandatario.

It is said that when he or she recounts the stories of the Jesuits and the guerrillas, it does not mean the end of the investigation, because it is less stable than it is to control the hotspots that are out of control.

Estates to support security, says Sheinbaum

The Jefa de Gobierno de Ciudad de Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, defended the strategy of “no abrasions” of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pñs señaló que la responsabilidad no cae sólo en, el Gobiernoles en la sobrelastodless en Mayor the number of homicides.

In the confrontation of the prince, the Capitalina affirmed that President López obeyed his clause is the strategy of security, and the question was: secobi. The question is not about what these goblins are doing when one of the entities in Donde concentrates on the homicides? ”

Apparently this is the first attack on causals and creating opportunities, as a guarantee to the daredevils and the youngsters, as it has its own administration “to be able to develop a life free of violence and without discrimination”.

We are convinced that the gossips of those entities playing a fundamental role in the creation of a security policy, and destined for the capital from the country, will reduce the incidence of delicacies because of the incredible delicacy . A coordinated coordination of the Ciudadana Security Secretariat with the National Guardia and the National Defense Secretariat.

“In Ciudad we are not able to align with the distinguishing delusions that we alcanzado, but our hubiéramos quadado sentados and hubiéramos dicho: pues este es unanto del Gobierno Federal y no le alcantor, she.

“Let’s acknowledge the accountability of the security in the city, it has become a critique of the Gobierno of Mexico, but it is clear that there are many delicacies that look with delicacies of the furry comrades and that the gobernos do not know the locations. for the security of our entities ”, as well.

Information by Daniela Wachauf, Daniela Gómez and Jorge Chaparro