Mexican women win gold and silver medals at the Maths Olympiad.

Mexico City In the first edition of the 2021 Pan American Women’s Maths Olympiad (PAGMO), Mexican students won two gold and two silver medals.

In addition, in the first edition of the competition, which aims to encourage girls and young people to continue their passion for this field of knowledge, Mexico took third place among the participating countries.

The competition was held from afar due to the epidemic.

“Mexico thus begins its history of participating in this competition, collecting its first two gold medals, thanks to the efforts of the students who formed the national delegation, trained and selected through the Mexico Mathematical Olympiad (OMM). went.” In a statement

“Our four competitors at the Pan American Girls Mathematical Olympiad 2021 break down gender stereotypes and prejudices that women are not as good in math and science as men. With their victory, they show that Mexico There is talent. ”

The champions are Rosa Victoria Kent Rodriguez and Natalia Malpeka Blackler of Mexico City, who won gold medals, as well as Anna Camilla Cavas Gonzalez of Tamaulipas, and Maria Fernanda Lopez Toubio of Yucatan, who won silver. Are

The competition will run from October 3-9.

In addition to the medals, Mexico ranks third out of 18 teams in the national score. Peru is first and Canada is second.

The team consisted of professors Mary Hernandez Cachole (leader), Olga Madrano Martin del Campo (tutor), Marcella Cruz and Cristina Sotomiour (tutors), who were in charge of applying for and reviewing the Mexican team exams.

It was explained that the participation of women in the International Mathematical Olympics is usually between 10 and 20% of the total number of students.

The competition is open to women up to the age of 16 and those who have not yet completed their final year of high school, as well as those who have been selected in each country’s national Olympics.

Chancellor Marcelo Ebard congratulated the winners.

He tweeted, “Congratulations to Natalia, Vicky, Maffer and Camilla

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