Mexico abre participant en energía limpia a IP de EU

Mexico is the only source of energy to combat the climatic change with the adoption of limp energy generation. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ratified a deal with his goblins for what would become the 20th anniversary of the 35th anniversary of the fall of total consumption with the energy of limps and renewables.

Participating in the Formulas of Economics on Climate and Energy Principles, convinced by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, the Mexican mandate is to make a declaration of action to combat the confounding decision to fight the conflict. Automobile products produced in Mexico tend to have contaminants in 2030, the modernization of 16 hydroelectric devices with the renovation of turbines and the increase in the power of limps at 85 giga.

Explain without nudity, our solidarity in this tragic encounter with President Biden, and the secret Kerry, the autocratic ambitist, very grateful

Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador
President of Mexico

“The Nation of Petroleum Mexicans Destroys a Million Dollars of Receiving Proposals and International Credentials to Receive Hasta in 98 Percentage of Processing Processes de la nación ”, expuso el ejecutivo federal.

Destroyed by the fact that they produce from their contaminant missions, “Serious fundamental of the fact that there are three months of our nationalization of lithium, strategic mineral in the elasticity of batteries”.

The first mandatorio informs that the result of the negotiations with 17 empires of the emperors could participate in the electric field with the generation of 854 Mega Watts with base solar and electric units.

Además, it builds a solar photovoltaic park with a generating capacity of milli watts. In this case, exploration of the possibility of creating solar parks to export electric energy to California and other states of the EU, is expected to take place within a few weeks with the purchase of land.

The president insists on the use of combustibles, the first of which is the introduction of autosucleosis in the form of gasoline, diesel and other modernized products. por inauguration a new refiner in Dos Bocas, Tabasco ”.

It is believed that the energy efficiency of the country is one of its main objectives, because it is possible to achieve the modernization of refineries and plants that allow us to reduce the cost of combustion, or.

Quisiera agradeserle the President of Mexico for his latest comments on the trade in conjunction with the EU, we are always trying to deal with us

Joe Biden
President of the European Union

“With the mismatch of processing in all parts of our prima, every petrochemical and reducing cost of consumers, this is the construction of the plant in Tula, Hidalgo, and we are in Tucson, here. Transfer of salads into coquidader. combustibles and gasoline impact ambiently meaningful menus, it decides, contaminates menus or de-contaminates ”, expires at the end of 20 months of Presidents.

Presenting the statement, López Obrador aggravates the functional statesmen: “express without ninguna duda, we have solidarity in this ascendant as President Biden, and the secret Kerry, authentic, muchasbagrade”.

For the sake of, the President aspires that in a world globalized it is essentially blind to the economy before vaivenes occasions by external factors, such as in the case of the invasion of Russia and Ukraine, that ” , que “afecta a todo el mundo. We take the idea from the principle, from the hassle, it is something that we distant from the neoliberals, it is the sostener that we must produce what we consume “.

We received the declaration of 10 points from President López Obrador. Mexico has been able to negotiate for the reduction of methane emissions, channel renewable energy and help EU inversions.

Ken Salzar
EU Ambassador to Mexico

Biden dice que desea seguir trabajando con nuestro país

Durante el foro de las Principles of Economics on Energy and Climate Accession, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, expresses his desire to deal with the form of conjugation with its homologous agreement in the context of the agreement .

We have to work together to create a very secure energy transition. Quisiera agradesrele the President of Mexico by his latest comments on the transaction in conjunction with the United States, we are desirous of dealing with his son, his president ”, expressed.

NL encuntro virtual el que convocó a las jefes de estado y presidentes de las principle economics, destitó que lepez obrador alcanzó acuerdos kun empresas estadounidenses que invertirán nl sector energético en Mexico.

It is said that in COP 26 there are possible compromises to overcome the climatic change, “and in the mediums that we consider in COP27 and a world that desperately needs new, this is the trajectory, the deafness. new urgentes. We’re all part of this, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. “

In his support, John Kerry, specializing in United States for the climax and moderator of the forum, said: agradecidos “.

At the same time, the EU ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, wrote in his Twitter account: In such a declaration, Mexico will be able to negotiate to reduce the emissions of metano, to renew energy energies and to support the EU in the future of the Mexican energy ”.