Mexico has two months to respond to allegations made by US arms companies

A judge in the Federal Court of Massachusetts gave two more months Government of Mexico to answer the arguments of the eleven companies engaged in arms sales in the United States who claim that they reject the lawsuit against them.

Smith & Wesson; Barrett firearms; Colt’s Manufacturing Company; Glock Inc; Sturm; Ruger & Co; Beretta USA Corp; Beretta Holdings SPA; Century International Arms; Witmer Public Safety Group and D / B / A Interstate Arms are the companies reported.

On November 22, companies responded to Mexico’s lawsuit for alleged business practices and negligence that facilitate illegal human trafficking that has deepened violence in the country.

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Judge Dennis Saylor gave time until January 23, 2022, to answer the argument for holding the hearing on the companies’ request to write off the case on the 27th.

The responding companies refused to facilitate or promote access to firearms for organized crime groups and they accused the Mexican government of making a mistake in presenting its complaint in a court that has no jurisdiction in the case it presents.

The Mexican Government has brought this action before a district court located more than 3,200 km away, due to damages, which it acknowledges, entirely within its own borders.

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“Although it is acknowledged that the illegally trafficked firearms found in Mexico were originally manufactured and sold in other states, the plaintiff makes the unwarranted claim that Massachusetts is” the source “of the” flow of weapons to Mexico “”, accused Glock Inc.

Mexico demands financial compensation and that companies carry out a monitoring of their sold weapons and incorporate, among other things, security mechanisms..

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