Mexico is already feeling the ‘pressure’ from the United States to reform AMLO’s power – El Financiro.

With a new electronic reform at the door, the Ministry of Economy. Already feeling the pressure. By commercial authorities in the United States

Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Luz Maria de El Mora had an introductory meeting with the newly appointed US Deputy Trade Representative. Jamie White

Among the topics covered during the call, points were highlighted. Mexico’s energy policy And agricultural biotechnology

“Ambassador White stressed the importance of Mexico’s energy policy and the importance of the Mexican authorities in re-establishing authority over biotech agricultural products,” the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office said in a statement Friday.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s energy policy has caused controversy inside and outside Mexico. The American business community and government officials have joined the voices, expressing their disagreement with the worker’s policy for the sector, which is characterized by its nationalist impact and its focus on the public sector.

With new power in the hands of Congress and the risk of its approval, more internal and external pressures are expected. Experts have even warned that there is a risk of conflict with the letter of various trade agreements, including the agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

The picture is similar for the biotech issue. From the Donald Trump administration, Washington is pressuring Mexico to approve the use of biotech agricultural products. According to US trade officials, this is a pending commitment by the Mexican government and they insist that the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Threats (Cofepris) is a major obstacle to its implementation.

Jamie White protested in late September as US Deputy Trade Representative. Like Trade Representative Catherine Tai, she has extensive experience in the US Congress. He was one of the architects of T-MEC.Particularly in the areas of labor and environmental compliance, the two issues he discussed in his call with Under Secretary de la Mora.

The two officials agreed to stay in touch and plan future meetings, as well as meetings within the framework of the US-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue.


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