‘Mexico salpica sangre’: Obispos urgen revisar estrategia

Ciudad de México.- Obsessive-compulsive disorder that affects children in the same way that they respond in the same way that they respond.

“As it happened, the cruise from the crucifix became more intense because of the intense incentive dermamada to the largo or the ancho of the country. human being, and destroying the culture of Paz “, exposes Ramón Castro Castro, Secretary General of the Mexican Conference of Episcopado (CEM) in a video.

“We love our past, we hope for a response to the lack of continuity by part of the civil authorities in all the novels.

“This is the reality of Violence in Mexico. We are in the midst of it all. sindos de blosidents de blosidentes, en sido asesinados de blosde, en blousi este fin, con las tensas de miles de desaparecidos a quienes sus familias siguen busandando “, agregó.

The voice of the Mexican record that the Sumo Pontifice has expressed its concern about the violence in the country.

“The aspirants in Mexico! ‘, Is the expression that the Father Francisco gave us, from the most profitable of our hearts to consolation (…) from the dollar and the supper that was born. Violence! Los obespos, like pastors, we want to express the latest modal, every now and then we find and love the dolls that work in our hearts “, externally.

A la ola de asesinatos, agregó, se suman las extorsiones y la “la total impunidad imperante en todo el país”.

“This situation is unsupportable and our reclamation and exaggeration to everyone, from the fruit of the paz”, said Monsñro Castro.

“The Confession of the Mexican Epistle to the Lord is one of the most important and all-encompassing episodes of death and destruction of human beings. Prophesy hermeneutics and violence on social media, recapture the memory of God, and let us prevail over what we say: no matter.

“In the number of God, sensibility, before the lamentos of his men who are the gods of Hijos, cuyas ligrimas de sufrimiento, impotencia y rabia contenida, claman hasta el cielo. maldad y odio !, todos queremos la paz “, añadió.

For the sake of, in a position, the CEM executed the accusations of the distant navies of Gobierno, an analysis of the security planes, as a national dialogue to address the problem.

“Then the grandson of the hechos. Let’s make a fuss over the Gobierno Federal or the distinguished novels of the authors, in conjunction with the pronoun that he realized from the Senate of the Republic: it’s time to revise the frases.”

“This is the time to listen to the citizens, to the thousands of families of the victims, to the assessments and descriptions, to the multicolored policados to the cream. This is the time to search for the investigators Communications, to all political parties, to the civil society or to the religious associations.

“We know that it is not a matter of negating the reality and tampering with the times we have passed that we will not be able to solve it. Everybody, all Mexicans. The responsiveness of the governors applies to justice with justice to prevent impunity, respecting human rights, but procuring the security of the citizens and the social movement “is the key.