Mexico, the main global consumer of eggs, 23.7 kg per person per year – El Finacero.

Eggs are the most important food for human beings due to their high level of nutrition. October 8 is World Egg Day.. Because of its price and quality, its products This is one of the favorites in Mexico., Ranking our country number one in the world in egg consumption at 23.7 kg per person per year.

This wonderful product is celebrated every other Friday in October, and it has been so since 1996. We are happy in Mexico this Friday. It has been celebrated continuously for 25 years.

In Mexico, approx 170 million chickens. Race currency Bowans, Lohmann or Highline. One egg lays According to MSD Animal Health in Mexico Poultry, about 98% of the national product consists of white eggs, the rest is red.

Eggs contain a. The most important place on the table in Mexico, Highlights its taste, its nutritional contribution and its economic value compared to other foods, which makes it a common difference in food worldwide.

Of International Egg Commission Eggs contain 13 essential nutrients, including choline, which promotes brain development in the fetus, vitamin B12 for the development of babies and improves the functioning of the nervous system. Iodine to make

Of Egg use in Mexico There was one An increase of about 50% According to the Agricultural Markets Consultant Group (GCMA), between the end of 2019 and 2020, going from 2 million to 3 million tons, an increase due to epidemic diseases, its low cost, ease of cooking, taste And protein content experts

it is A protein that does not require refrigeration Like meat and a unique natural wrapper. This, perhaps, is one of the reasons. Health emergency due to COVID-19 has been Favorite Mexican food, Confirms Jose Antonio Quintana Lopez, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Techniques of Studies.

Zoo Technical Veterinarian, animal production specialist for FMVZ, comments that Mexico. Global consumer leader And the top five production sites include, “Achieved in the last 20 years.”

Contains eggs. Essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Animal origin that requires a brain. It contains a nutrient called choline, which plays an important role in the development of the brain and memory, which is an important factor in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and pre-senile dementia.


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