Mexico, US ready to paint ‘new wall’ of relations: Blanken – El Financiro

The visit of the President Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador. Given to Anthony’s eyelids, United States Secretary of State Diego Rivera ‘fell’ on the official’s wall as he used the experience to illustrate the relationship that is expected between Mexico and the United States.

“My hope is that our governments can paint a new ‘wall’, a new panel that captures the realities of this relationship,” he said in an exclusive interview. Bloomberg financier..

In a conversation with Anna Maria Salazar, Blinken pointed out that the United States is taking “responsibility” for the violence caused by the drug trafficking problems in our country.

“We met with President Lopez Obrador, and one of the things is that while the trial is going on in the United States, a problem is rapidly emerging in Mexico, including fentanyl,” he said.

The two-hundred-year-old understanding of the alliance, which was first announced, the Secretary of State pointed out that between this month and December, the Mexican and US governments have taken specific steps to implement it, as well as the “matrix”. Will work for verification. Alliance serves your purpose.


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