Mexico wants peace, not war: Rosa Isla Rodriguez

Mexico wants peace, not war: Rosa Isla Rodriguez
Arturo Paramo / Mexico City

Secretary of Security and Civil Protection Rosa Isla Rodriguez assured that the Mexican government is not proposing to start and win the war on organized crime, but to win peace.

Inaugurating the work of the bilateral meeting on security, he said that the Mexican government no longer prioritizes the use of force, but addresses the causes of violence.

For many years the issue of security in Mexico has been approached with the view that it was measured only by the use of force, but now we are fighting the causes that give rise to this violence, social programs, intelligence and In harmony, listeners and women in their cities, municipalities and communities. Our vision is not to win the war, it is to win the peace and tranquility of Mexico.

He noted that the Mexican government has made arrests of more than 1,000 criminals a priority in three years, with more than 2.9 tonnes of fentanyl, 1.1 tonnes of heroin and 1,453 grenades and 24,962 seized. Firearms


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