Mia Marcano was remembered at the funeral for her ‘magnetic energy’.

Hundreds of mourners. A church in Florida. To offer his last condolences to the slain 19-year-old college student Mia Marcano on Thursday, remembering her as a “moving butterfly”.

Her family asked that the young woman not be forgotten – saying she deserved the same media attention as Long Islander Gabby Petito, whose disappearance and death Fascinated the nation For more than a month

“My niece didn’t deserve it, and no woman for that matter,” said Marcano’s uncle, Marcano, during a service at Cooper City Church of God in Florida.

“We ask and respectfully expect the media to keep Mia’s name and story out,” he said. “Because although we sympathize with the Petito family, Mia’s story is no different and deserves the same attention.”

The service came about two weeks after Marcano’s body was found outside the Orlando apartment complex.

Her uncle reminded her, “She was a laugh that would make you laugh, and she always had a nickname for everyone, including me. I’m sure a lot about her old crazy uncle Mark.” There were jokes.

The service includes a moving video tribute, and performances by some of Marco’s favorite artists, including Nigerian singer Lyrical and Caribbean singer Sakini Fablus, who wrote a song in his honor.

Mia Marcano, who has been missing since September 24, 2021, was found dead on October 2, 2021, near Timber Scan on Lake Condominiums.
Mia Marcano, who has been missing since September 24, 2021, was found dead on October 2, 2021, near Timber Scan on Lake Condominiums.
FOX35 Orlando.

The church and its coffin were decorated in blue – his favorite color – with two large portraits of him in front of the chapel.

“Mia’s facial expressions, body language and magnetic energy drew people to her.”

“It opened like a moving butterfly,” she said.

Marcano, a Valencia College student, went missing on September 24. He was found dead near the timber scan. On Lake Condominiums in Orlando on October 2.

The main accused, officials said In his disappearance Armando was Manuel Caballero, a caretaker in the apartment complex who allegedly had repeated sexual advances that Marcano rejected.

Marcano’s family had. Faced with Caballero the day after his disappearance., Angrily accusing him of being responsible for her disappearance and teasing her for “obsessive writing.”

However, Caballero was found dead in his apartment on September 27.

Marcano had a body. Discovered October 2..

Friends and relatives came from Trinidad, the US Virgin Islands and across the country to attend the service.


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