Michael Flatley settles High Court claim over work on historic Cork mansion – The Meczyki Times

Internationally renowned dancer and performer Michael Flatley has settled a High Court damages claim brought against him over alleged deficiencies in works carried out at his Castle Hyde property in Cork.

Mr Flatley’s action arose after a fire tore through the historic three-storey Castlehyde house, which dates back to 1790 and is a protected structure, on the night of 18/18 June 2015.

Mr Flatley has spent more than €25 million renovating the house, near Fermoy, since he bought it in 1999, claiming the fire started in an electrical panel in a service compartment on the first floor of the property. It was on.

The fire then spread vertically above and below the electrical compartment and caused significant fire damage within the electrical compartment and smoke damage throughout the house, requiring extensive repairs.

He claimed that the parties he hired to perform certain tasks, including electrical work, were negligent and did not implement proper fire safety measures when working on the home.

He also claimed that the property’s plumbing system was improperly designed, resulting in flooding of the property’s basement when the nearby River Blackwater rose.

As a result, she sued for damages against Peter Aniston, who she says is a London-based architect and interior designer, and Sean R. McCarthy, a consultant engineer at The Orchard Cork Road, Fermoy, Co Cork.

He also sued consultant engineering firm Malachi Walsh & Co Ltd, trading as partners of Malachi Walsh and Mahon Technology Park, Blackrock, Cork.

He denied Mr Flatley’s claims that he was negligent.

At the High Court on Friday, Martin Kenny, instructed by Kent Carty’s counsel Gavin Carty for Mr Flatley, told Ms Justice Marguerite Bolger that the proceedings had ended and could be struck out.

No details of the settlement, which are considered confidential, were released to the court.

Mr Flatley claimed that the defendants carried out various works at the house between 2001 and 2006.

Arising out of his alleged negligence, breach of contract, and misrepresentation, Mr. Flatley sought damages to cover the various costs he had incurred, including the costs of repairs and remedial works to Castle Hyde.

Mr Flatley had claimed that Mr Inston had failed in his responsibility to identify faults in the electrical cabinets, and to stop the fire before issuing the Certificate of Completion, and generally in relation to his involvement in the building works.

They alleged that Mr McCarthy, who worked at Castle Hyde in 2006, failed to prevent electrical cabinet fires and identify fire rating deficiencies when completing snag lists after work at Castle Hyde was completed. were

It is also alleged that he failed to direct the building contractor to carry out certain necessary works or failed to ensure that they were properly and completely completed by the contractor.

They claimed that Malachi Walsh & Partners failed to identify the need to provide adequate firestopping for electrical services and failed to identify this deficiency during the course of the work.

It was also alleged that the defendant was negligent in accepting a completion certification from a subcontractor who carried out various works at Castle Hyde.

In his defence, Mr McCarthy denied he had been negligent and said he had at all times acted within the terms of his contract with the Lord of the Dance star and the terms of his profession.

They also argued that Mr. Flatley’s claim against them was constitutionally barred because it was not brought within the time allowed by law to bring such an action.

In its defence, Malachi Walsh & Partners also argued that the claim was statute barred and that there had been an extraordinary delay by Mr Flatley in bringing the claim.

It further denied that it was in breach of contract or had any obligation to carry out the fire safety works allegedly carried out by Mr Flatley, with an address in Monte Carlo in Monaco.

The company added that it is not responsible for any property damage caused as a result of the 2016 fire.

In his defence, Mr Inston denied any wrongdoing and said the allegations had nothing to do with him. He said he did not understand why he was being personally sued by Mr Flatley.

He said the company he was associated with had done some interior design work for Mr Flatley.

He said that neither he nor the company had any responsibility to ensure that the fire safety work was carried out properly.