Michoacán: bajo advertencia

We would like to discuss the conference on the introduction of the Michoacán Governor, Alfredo Ramirez Bedoulaabout everything in the part that says that the mano of his antecessor, Silvano Orioles, Is the detachment of CNTE mobiles. Ramírez Bedolla was directly involved in the execution of education Hector Ayala, to operate the magisterial activity. Pero lo mejor vino cuando el mandatario afirmó: “Mejor que se vayan preparando, por si los mandan a llamar”. One of the most sought after items in the world is the adverbial ones, which are the ones that have the potential to interfere with your administration. Ayer, the titular of the Executive Establishment that in the inner goblin se alentó el huachicoleo de plazas en el magisterio. And for the sake of remorse, I advise you not to go too far from the chantajear by those groups who are the mafias in calles and plazas of the state. Uf

As he said, for now, or to be precise, for one of his own, apenas morena pudo lograr bloquear a punto de acuerdo por el se se peda la comparece de la secretari de salud del gobierno capitalino, Oliva Lopez Ariello. During the session of the Permanent Commission of the local congress, the PRD presented the proposition and, in the midst of a heated debate, it became more popular with 10 votes of Morena against 9 of the opposition. The PRD proposition that López Arellano would like to go to the Legislature to explain why he did not have any new mediums before the alza en contagios for Covid-19. Y por poco pasa la propuesta perredista. Muchos en Donceles se quedaron pendando qué hubiera pasado si un morenista se hubiera ausentado por qualquier motivo ayer. And as a reflection on the fragility of the partisan guinea pigs in the city of Mexico, pue ya in other occasions the opposition has brought the season to its knees. The more nystagmus tienen mucha chamba por delante, si quieren conservar la capital, nos hasen ver.

Revelante, nos dicen, la acción de respaldo institutional que recibió ayer la gobernadora de Baja California, Maria del Peler Aveilade parte gobierno del presidente Lopez Obrador. And that’s what the secretaries of Governance, Eden Augusto LopezSecurity and Protection of Ciudadana, Rosa Isla Rodriguez, Establishment in the trust to stabilize a series of compromises with the times that, we comment, is still attended between the state and federal governments, as is the case with the security or the hiccups. In addition, escorted the entrepreneurial and social sectors and supervised the regulation of extraterrestrial procedures. In messages of support to the state mandate, Aden Augusto refers that “there is a gossip that everyone knows, that there is no such thing as a generous confrontation absurd… they are happy because of the great gobernadora, talent, honesty, integrity”. For the first time, Baja California will be on the radar, but in 15 days it will be the reunion of the security of security.

There was a good deal of proximity to the gentile who said justification was given to him at an institution that seemed to be more like a distant one: the Supreme Court. And that is the consequence of the fact that the families of the victims of the forcible disappearance of Pino Suárez have incorporated their impressions on the public sentencing of AR 51/2020. And in a very simple way, the ministry Margareta Reeves-Farjat salió a escucharlos ya atenderlos. He compliments with the students studying the arguments that led them to enter and serve the justification with the mayor’s responsiveness, seriousness and sensitivity, as if he were with all the assurances that, after all, the Prime Minister of the Prime Minister. To know that the superior referred is estranged with the search de Gabriel Cruz and Edmundo ReisIntegrated by the popular Evército Revoluciionn, those who were left behind by the May 25, 2007 in Oaxaca.

For those who want to quote the duda about them it would be the adversity that comes from the PRI, Alejandro MorenoExplain to those who accept embassies or cargoes, luego de ya haber echado de sus filas a otros dos priistas, este miércoles la Comición de Justicia Partidaria anunció que la exgobernadora de Sonora, Kladia Pavlovich, peridia su militiacia. Ella accepted in the months before the Mexican Consulate in Barcelona, ​​the President’s office, who in a few days agreed that the mandate would always be respected with its administration. We say that the statutes of the statuses that preceded his cargos, trace the elevations of the 5th of June, will never cease to politicize his ideas, for if he invites Palacio Nacíploti o. And there are some who think that as if it were a tricolor ahorita, tampoco les dan muchas ganas de quedarse.

Ante el deacato de la Coordinaci den de la Cámara de para incorrarra a ciuadadano a la commisión Permanente ya el tribیnلl e áe právndndo rezzres las sanciones de contra. . Ignacio Mierde Morena; Carlos Pointedel Partido Verde, y Alberto Anaya, of PT, the quies, adams, may have other types of multiple cases in the case that include the new mandate. But the theme does not quote ahí. The proprietor was raised by the magistrate Felipe de la Matathat revisited and voted in its solemn session on the side of Sala Superior, if the deputies did not meet with the members of the jurisprudential organization, which are inatacables, adverbert that could possibly make penalties.