Migration golpea a los niños; Displays 93% in 4 hours

In the wake of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the fluorescence of many migrants has been a nightmare, admires those who have lost their children, adolescents and adolescents who will be remembered by their parents. Data from the Secretariat of the Governorate (Segob).

In 41 months since the death of Enrique Peña Nieto, 81,407 details of girls, girls and adolescents have been recorded, as opposed to 157,453 from Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is currently 407.

Respectfully, José María Ramos García, investigator of the Collegio de la Frontera Norte (Colef), commented to La Razón that the men are the most menacable irregular migration.

“It is a fluke that derives from the adverbs of the origin of the country, the other is because the debts are accepted to migrate, or that one of the feudal lords is the family of the lesser of the two. not only adults, ”he said.

Gradually in the ancient Cumbre of the Americas there is no habló of the men, or that no fue prior of the gobernos a pesar of those who spread the words expulsors and receptors

Eunice Rendon, Director of Agenda Migrante

Considering that there is an infatuation in the media in which we do not respect our comrades as infants, we believe that the authorities have not yet accepted this phenomenon, but at the same time we have more than the most lacculación de sufrencia.

The expertise shows that the main pills are the ones that expose the nipples and nipples to a bad alimentarse, golpes de calor, daos a la salud ya un peor desarrollo.

Hasta el momento, 2021 es el de mayor contención de menore migrantes, con 75 mil 592 detenciones, mientras que en lo que va de 2022 ya van 15 mil 571; without embarking, in all of the aunts, mainly presented at the National Institute of Migration (INM) men of 11 years, with López Obrador suman 99 mil 725 captures.

Dale total de menore detenidos, 91 mil 560 son of the great masculino, mintras que 65 mil 893 son mujeres, and la mariía proviene de países de Centroamérica.

For Separato, Eunice Rendón, Director of Agenda Migrante, said that the men were part of the feminist migration from her eyes, since she was born in 2014 or she was 15 years old in general migration.

“What I believe is that priority is the girl, but desperately in the ancient Cumbre of the Americas no one cares about the men, or that there is no preference for the gobernos or pesar of the esteemed money recipients. Otto the problems Donald Trump’s visit to his family was very successful, and at the moment, he doesn’t have much to do with his family, ”he said.

The specialist considers that other problems are the recurrence of the men by the part of the criminal groups, who use them to operate armies and drugs, on all the states of northern Mexico; For now, if they know like “children of the circuit”, who are the ones who belong to United States, but they want to live in Mexico to make their activities easier.

“Approved these menors for their cosmos, and not just Mexico, is a theme of the regiment; apart from that DIF has been very important to its theme. What happens is that there is no resentment and there is always capturing the children ”, said Rendón Cárdenas.

The activist is convinced that it is a retreat of the men of migration, or that there are no policies or programs that are meant to be enjoyed, even though many are used to cruise the frontier with the United States, because when it is not possible to have more than one regulator ۔