Misfiring rebels pay heavy price as Galway march

Galway 2-19, Cork 1-21

The ork could crib free about a close and a 65 that didn’t slither its way into a busy finish. But their ruin in the first half when they missed 12 point opportunities and failed to execute three goal chances eventually cost them this All-Ireland quarter-finals before an attendance of 34,640 at Semple Stadium yesterday.

Much credit should be given to the Galway defence, especially goalkeeper Anna Murphy, who made three brilliant defenses in the first half to negate Alan Connolly, Robbie O’Flynn and Darragh Fitzgibbon. The latter pair should have found the net.

Worse yet, for Cork, his long-distance freetaking went awry in the first half, with Conor Lehane missing two 65s and a free, a nightmare. He was replaced at half-time by Patrick Horgan, who converted two frees and a 65 and freed a last-gas long distance with an upright, leading to a disputed 65.

Jack Grealish’s Galway full-back line – which had allowed a speculative shot from his hands by Cork goalkeeper Patrick Collins, scored a goal after 20 seconds – while maintaining Tim O’Mahony’s Cork full-forward line Dethy Burke and Darren Morrissey were excellent. , Alan Connolly and Lehane from the game without score. All three were replaced before the hour mark.

“I think it was performance for me, really. I think we just wanted to perform and let go of what we had, and that’s what they did,” said Galway boss Henry Sheflin.

But it was a story about what could have happened to Cork manager Kieran Kingson.

“We didn’t help ourselves with 24 shots, seven scores in the first half, our efficiency was really bad. There were some missed point-scoring opportunities which we were taking quite easily in the last few games. But for some reason we weren’t there today.”

Galway’s second goal was the product of a moment’s hesitation by cork corner-back Sean O’Donoghue, who struggled to stop Conor Whelan. The latter got the goal side but still had a huge amount – but he still managed to squeeze his shot pass Collins.

“But we were really into the game at half-time, even though we were five points down and playing in the air in the second half. I thought our boys showed a very good character. He never threw a towel. I am proud to have reacted to him in this way because he could have thrown the towel after accepting a soft score and a missing score, but he didn’t. And I’m really proud of that and they at least deserved a draw out,” Kingston said.

“I have just come off the pitch and I haven’t even washed my hands yet. I went to the dressing room in Galway and talked to our backroom team, so I didn’t think anything.

“Our focus was on Antrim, then Galway – nothing else. I didn’t want to speculate about me from the Galway win or the character displayed by our group in the second half, which I really liked Proud,” Kingston said.

The second half started on a promising note for Cork when Shane Kingston scored after 39 minutes, but crucially they could never get into the real rhythm and never managed to level the contest.

Alan Cadogan scored three sweet points after his introduction in the 58th minute, but Galway’s three substitute Brian Concannon – who replaced Sian Fahy, who scrapped a proposed two-match ban during the week – was Jason Flynn and Jason Flynn. Johnny Coen also scored points.

Sheflin suggested that the bottom half of the first half may have been due to a lack of confidence in both the teams.


Connor Whelan of Galway faced Sean O’Donoghue of Cork, Tipperary. Photo by Ray McManus

“I think the first half was a cage affair. I think in the second half it definitely opened up a bit. I am thrilled with the character shown by the boys as it could have easily gone against us there. Some big moments The big players in I stood out. For that you should be very proud of their performance.

“I’m sure Cork would be very disappointed with their first half performance. They were clearly quite useless and could probably have scored more points. We were still a little hungry from the Leinster final in that first half and to be fair Connor ( Whelan) was extraordinary there.”

Looking ahead to the All-Ireland semi-final match against Limerick Sheflin said: “We know we are underdogs, they have a great team and we saw what they did in the Munster final. We followed our Leinster final performance. And it was so frustrating to turn on the television and watch Munster final, oh my god, that’s what we want to try and achieve. But we have a chance, we’re there and we’ll learn a lot from today. We’ll try and fix Will be done and will be ready in two weeks.”

Sheflin paid tribute to David Burke, who was competing in a record 63rd championship for Galway.

“He’s been a fantastic leader for his club and first and foremost for his county, and he’s found himself in a very good position. He takes care of himself really well and that’s all he does about it Is.

“I think it’s his love for the game and the way he thinks about the game and the way he can go out and perform. He got two important points and in the end too, he came up to me and said, ‘Look, I could do another minute or two, but I’m gone then,’ and I think it’s easier to say ‘I’ll hang in there, I’ll be there,’ and this character and that A testament to the player he is, so it’s great for him to be in that group,” the Galway boss said.

Scorers – Galway: C Whelan 1-2; c coni 0-5 (4f); c manion 0-3; J Grealish 1-0; J Cooney, D Burke 0-2 each; R Glennon, T Monaghan, J Flynn, B Concannon, J Coen 0-1 each. Cork: S. Kingston 1-2 (0-1f); P Horgan 0-4 (2f, 1′ 65); R O’Fin, M Coleman (2f, 1 sideline), A Cadogan, D Fitzgibbon 0-3 each; De Kahlane, L Meade, C Lehane (1f) 0-1 each.

Cork: P Collins; N. O’Leary, R. Downey, S. O. Donoghue; D. Kahlane, C. Joyce, M. Coleman; De Fitzgibbon, L Meade; R O’Flynn, S Harnady, S Kingston; T O’Mahony, A. Connolly, C. Lehane. Members: P Horgan (HT) for Lehane, J O’Connor (47) for Connolly, G. Milrick (51) for Downey, A. Cadogan (58) for O’Mahony, T. O’Connell for Harney ( 68).

Galway: E. Murphy; J Grealish, Dethy Burke, D Morrissey; P Manion, G McInerney F Burke; J. Cooney, R. Glennon; T Monaghan, C Cooney, David Burke; Sea Manion, Sea Fahy, Sea Whelan. Subscribers: B Concannon for Fahy (30), Jay Flynn for McInerney (34), Jay Coen for Monaghan (45), E Niland for David Burke (69), G Lee for Monaghan (70 +4)

Referee: P O’Divar (Carlo).