Missing man’s family says ‘not knowing the hardest part’ after a year

The family of Glyn Griffiths, a Caerphilly missing man, have described their heartache at not seeing their loved one for a full year. Glynn was last seen on the evening of Sunday 20 June. At that time he was 60 years old.

Earlier that day, between noon and 12.45 a.m., CCTV footage showed the now 61-year-old man outside Asda in Caerphilly. On Saturday, 26 June Gwent Police issued an appeal to help locate Mr Griffiths’ car – a black Suzuki Grand Vitara. It was later found near Heol y Dederwen, Nantgarve, which was closed and nowhere near Glynn.

Glynn’s whereabouts are still unknown, despite an extensive search by his family, Gwent Police, and the Central Beacon Mountain Rescue Team. His cousin, Kathleen Robinson, said Glynn had been caring for her mother, who has dementia since 2016. She said that she “fooled” her mother and that it was out of character for Glyn to stop going to her.

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12 months after Glyn went missing, Kathleen said the family had still not received any news about Glyn. She added that the longer it went on without him, “the worse it would get”. The 50-year-old said: “It’s been horrible. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets. The hardest part is not knowing.”

“Nothing has changed. I keep calling the police and they keep saying they are looking for him. He hasn’t used any of his own.” [credit or debit] leaves. He has not used the money unless he is getting paid cash in hand or is going under some other name. We are still calling the hospitals. No one has seen or heard anything.”

Glynn Griffith is now 61. will be of
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Glynn has been missing since June 2021
(Image: MissingPeople.org.uk)

Kathleen said a lot has happened in the family since Glyn’s disappearance. She said that not only had her father died – who was very close to Glynn – many children had also been born whom Glynn would have “loved”.

“My father recently passed away on Mother’s Day,” Kathleen said. “We put it on Facebook if he saw it or can send a message. He doesn’t miss [his uncle’s] Mayt. Four children are also born in our family – he loves children. He was like a brother to me rather than a cousin and he was my son’s godfather. My grandchildren were his grandchildren and he considered them as his role models.”

2 Glyn Griffiths Car
Mr. Griffiths Car – A Black Suzuki Grand Vitara
(Image: Gwent Police)

Kathleen said Glynn’s mother, whom she cared for before she went missing, also moved into a residential nursing home. She said: “Her mother is now in a home because she was getting very sick. Previously we had caregivers who helped her with Miles on Wheels and put her to bed because she was too weak for us to do that.” Every now and then she’ll say ‘Glinn hasn’t come to see me’. Every time she says it it kills us.”

However, Kathleen said it was extremely difficult for the family to take care of her, which Glynn had previously handled. She said that unless she is pronounced dead, using her money to pay for care home costs will not be an option – something that usually lasts for seven years after a person goes missing. is not done.

0 Ljr 290721 Glyn
CCTV footage showed him outside Asda in Caerphilly shortly before his disappearance.
(Image: Gwent Police)
0 Ljr 290721 Glyn1
He was caught carrying two shopping bags
(Image: Gwent Police)

Kathleen said this is a huge added stress to an already broken family who want Glyn’s mother to receive the best possible care. “How can we afford it?” Kathleen said. “We’ll go down the path of solicitors, but there’s no legal aid. Solicitors cost a bomb.”

Glyn’s disappearance remains a mystery to the family, but the more time passes, the less hopeful he will be found alive. Kathleen said: “Last time I spoke to the police officer, he said that the longer it is found without him, the more likely it is that he is dead, but he also said that never -Sometimes people go away for years and years and come back. Out of nowhere. It’s really hard to know what he’s doing or whether he’s okay.”

Kathleen urges anyone with information to contact the Gwent police – however insignificant it may seem. She said: “If anyone sees him or thinks he has seen him, please tell the police so we know what’s going on. Even if he’s still alive and doesn’t want us to contact, that’s okay Well we’ll stay away, just tell us you’re fine.”

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