Monotemics and fuerza

The insect bites our colony in the form of monotemics. It is not that there is an observation, since most of us are familiar with the regularity that the final nos queda otra que hablar de ella, because al hacerlo hablamos de nosotros mismos y nos preguntamus qué hace el Estado para la proteger a.

We want to make a time in a calf without salida. The problem is multifactorial not to circulate only to nosotros. We will not let you know that we are near the principal consumidor of drugs, a vez that a nación más armada.

The EU has not been able to find the meanings in this material. Ayer the court determines that when the mayor of the city may be able to stand up, as if he were not alive in what is now a series of traumatic practices derived from the culture of the armies.

How to negotiate fundamentals in the structure of delinquency. The demand from the Mexican industry to the industry is not a disease, we believe that it is the conviction that something is happening to the United States.

The drug cross on the frontier norte va aparejado con el de las armas. Llama la attención el tema de las drugas, pero no se puede entender el fenómeno haciendo a un lado el laso de las armas como elemento clave para crear una industria que tiene como soporte estas dos instanscias: drugs y armas.

The phenomenon has become centralized by Donde who also likes migrants, assuming that sighs without attending or attending to their debts, that pass with the goblin of Donald Trump was an authentic fracasocol of the congress.

As there is no feeling in the fines of drugs and arms, there is also a feeling of feeling in the end of migration, which is not something that lasts. All these facilities are conforming to the security of the country. The migration is a social inconvenience, but it is also used as a means of organizing oneself, in the same way as in the past, in the past.

At the end of the day, we see how delinquency prevails in the areas where parents are guided by the guerrillas and the precepts of the Michoacán and the Hiccups.

Serve understanding the phenomenon in its conjunction, but what is more is an effective design of strategies and strategies.

International organizations have agreed that Mexico is one of the best diagnostics of the country, if this is the case, then it is probable that the result is not manageable to eliminate the problems.

One of the reasons is that the goblins tie up to try to make it happen in a few days or so the camouflage facilitates the continuation of the politicians without question.

López Obrador has tried to make a difference between the two, but the one who corresponds to the security has never been able to continue with the politicians who are more concerned with the material, the one who is in the middle of nowhere. The president has resigned.

Because this brew has not revised anything else to ask for 126 million people killed by violent violence in the city and that 3 people died in an attack in Chihuahua.

As we say here, what you can pass is that the goblins are afraid of this battle.


Variety pilots, ellas and ellos, we expect that there is no need for us to expect that there is an intuitive retreat of the vultures. We also say that the events aéreos son maniobras “definitely secured”. What is the point is that the AIFA does not end by desperation and the European capital is at a limit.