Morán Moguel, ¡¡ni acabar con el AICM serviste !!! – El Financiro

The story of the terror of AICM comes with the cancellation of the project of Texcoco and the decree of the pagans to use the inversionists using the futures tariffs of the European Union (TUA) that are all Islamic. At the end of the day, Mexico gave you a taste of aeronautical operations more quickly than the pandemic, which had no recurrence for the passengers. Sin ban, not situationally supported by various events.

Rediscover space, adventure

The first and one of the most important ones was the redesign of the special malpractice and implication for the sub-secretary of Transporte, Carlos Morán Moguel. This may be the most important time of the year, democracies in the air and the problems of security because of the orografí in the valleys of Mexico, además de vielo exesivos sore densreas densamente povlaosasi de cavilososs.

As a matter of fact, the impulse and a few quadruples evidenciadas las inconformidades de los usurios, los costos del rediseño, pero sobred que queas de organizaciones internacionales, como la IATA e habíalañoque en se habíla. Here is the description of Victor Hernández of Seneam, and the introduction of the new sub-secretary, Rogelio Jimenez Pons, Jimmy Pons, to revert to the dawn that provokes the Morin-Hernández binomial.

And when the Mexican approach explored to see Luz, “degraded” to Morin as the director of AICM and he realized the industry’s most important role in the economy and that 50% of the operations did not operate.

In his legacy, Moran Mogul removes the embellished embellishments, casts the swords and quotes of prestige. The same story that Victor Hernández applied to Seneam.

Vuelos por decreto

All the time, the opening of AIFA o aeropuerto del mamut, without having to worry about the number of passengers and passengers, the problem of President López Obrador. There was a moment when Moran Moguel decided to convene with his jefes and convenión Jimmy Pons to publish a declaration that will reduce the capacity of horoscopes in the International Aerospace of Mexico from 61 to 48.


With this mediator, Mogul pretends to be a plumber, migrating the national and international operations to AIFA, and solves the little demand with which it is inappropriate. The reckoning of the industry was anonymous. The decrees do not impose resuscitation on the aviación and terminal for the effect of the users, which actually improves the connectivity of the center of the country.

The idea that this mediation includes a mere desecration of President López Obrador, who is aware of his intentions Jimmy Pons y Morán. Y es que si existe una industria en el mundo que se mueve por la ofrta y la demanda es la aviación. Something that goes without understanding the functions.

La asignación de slots, una kermés

Morin Mogul uses his faculties as an AICM administrator to organize the assignment Slot Temporarily, that an autonomous cherry on the itineraries plane for the part of the aeronautics, which, approaching this medium, operates very little to the extent that it wants. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, you will need to change the order to optimize the use of terrestrial installations such as platforms. Of course, there are aeronautics that have been assigned to the platform for a long time.

Los Aeroporto Center In this world, like Heathrow, Amsterdam, Panama, Houston or Singapore, operates after the regulation of IATA, which evaporates in the operations, and when it seems to exist there are sensations for the people. The supernatural that Mexico operates is now regulated. ¿Ya no es así?

Saturation of the terminals

The administration of the airport conceives perfectly the horrors in which the mayor has a number of passages and it is his obligation to coordinate with Aduanas and Migraine to have his personal self-sufficiency for public attention.

And not to mention the adventurous reduction of specs in espera and salads. These inquiries have been dedicated to new negotiations and there is no doubt that these passages are far from democratic.

It is here that we continue the maintenance of an airplane. For example, the system detection system (terbulencia cerca del terreno) is the most important service in the field and the information provided by this type of phenomenon is very useful for controllers and pilots.

¿Y los responsables?

Not to be outdone, we record the anticipations of Morgan Moguel during his passage from Aeroméxico and Mexicana, while provoking negative conclusions by his decisions.

Who is the protege? ¿Who wants to live in the AICM? Urge que se vaya, como Victor Hernández, because of its negligence and visibility anticipation of the most recent events that often provoked or contributed to an accident.

Ovación de pie para Morán y compañía

As it turns out, Mexico has a banana category for many months. The AFAC, by Carlos Rodríguez, does not address the 28 points of technical review in the field of security management of the Federal Administration of the United States (FAA), which is realized from 13 to 17 June.

The Mexican Mexicans will continue to participate in the mercado between Mexico and the United States, and the AIFA will be able to operate without any new hacks. Look, neither Jimmy Pons, nor Rodríguez, nor much of Moran Mogul imports Mexican aviacin.