Morán se tiene que ir

While serving as Secretary of Transportes, Carlos Morán met with the Director of the International Aerospace of Mexico, the City of Mexico and Jesus Rosano; Controlling the Victor Hernández as a result of the services to the navigation in the Mexican Espacio area and the passage of the General to the late Carlos Rodríguez at the front of the Federal Agency for Civil Aviation. Today and then one of these instances were the epicenters of the crisis because of the fact that the industry has a national interest that requires the intervention of the Secret Service of the Governorate, Aden Augusto López, to find profundity.

The inception of sex was like seeing the subconscious in the offices of Rosano; It is said that the revision of the obedient pendents will be realized in the AICM to determine if there are any decisions to be made. The idea is that the main aerospace of the country has a lot of men a part of the presupposition that it has to make in 2018 because of the infrastructural skills that will soon become more effective, like problems that are not discussed

Claro, de mientras, la rosano y ahora de Morán se dieron vuelo en asignar espacios para restaurantes and tiendas sobro los andadores de salas de ultima espera —que los viajeros se jodan— al Rey Locatario del AICM, Elcomeranda, Gerardo Grupo Bended in the T2 with 4 locales Pain Quotidien, with 2 Fogoncitos, an Ojo de Agua, dos Ay Güey and locales for Kerico; y en la T1 (para no dejar) 2 Pain Quotidien, un Fogoncito y un Kerico.

El Pedrino de Victor. Sí alguien cre laón de V podctor Hernández, de que podría lograr aérea simultánea entre el aeródromo de Santa Lucía. Record the abuses, compare and experience that Hernández dispenses with Morán: query its astropic – as included in this espacio from the document – with the elegant. marcha con llenos totaleles en los vuelos del aeropuerto felipe Ángeles.

This is not a bad thing at all, but it is a very important thing to do with the name “Redissection of Espacio Aéreo” from Valle of Mexico with the French NavBlue, a cargo of Fabrice Hamel, and it has never been experienced before. NavBlue has over 6 million dollars. The bargain sale carousel: see the 40 events of the acrobatics (many of the “extraviados” in the archives of the AFAC) that the principals may have publicly defended in the video of the two acrobatics of the video. The process of manipulating the conformity of the planes of Victor Hernández.

Well, for the most part, Mexico has not been able to recover the Category I before the Federal Aviation Administration. Nunca antes Mexico había tardado más de un año en recuperar ese nivel.

AFAC, degradation forever. The ultimate visit to the sheriffs of Steve Dickson in Mexico is one day, the versions appearing when encountering other 10 deficiencies in the system of capacitance, adjustment and certification of lalivia. This decides, at the age of 28 (or more) the security that the aeronautics authority has to offer before the aviación mexicana can aspire to increase its frequencies and itineraries. los viajeros por vía aérea. The degradation of Nivel 2 cost the national industry 4,600 million pounds in one year.

Asa los resultados de los apadrinados por Morán. Under AFAC and Seneam are the degradation of the national aviacin, the operations of the perennials and the abbreviated ineffectiveness of the AICM that time and give the passengers and aeronautics. Algo tiene ya que cambiar.