More jail time for one of the capital’s most volatile criminals working for the Kinahan cartel

One of the capital’s most notorious criminals is facing an additional seven-year prison sentence after he was sentenced yesterday for robbing a cash-in-transit box that cost €40,000 as well as separate -There were also separate firearms offenses.

Eoin Griffin (32) was once considered “an important infantryman” for the Kinahan cartel in the South Interior City and a friend of convicted murderer ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson. However his volatile behavior and battle with drug addiction have led to a lack of trust in him among senior criminals.

Sources said today that detectives believe Griffin was supposed to use the gun and ammunition captured in a gangland hit in a south inner city flat on February 23, 2020.

Griffin pleaded guilty to possession of a handgun and 17 rounds of ammunition following an armed guard’s morning raid of a property on Ross Road, which is close to the offender’s own home in the Ewegh Trust flats.

He was arrested at the scene after a gun and ammunition were found behind furniture in one of the bedrooms of the property.

Griffin’s DNA later ties him to the deadly race and is charged.

The firearms seizure comes two months after Griffin’s involvement in a cash-in-transit robbery in which it is suspected he was armed with a handgun to target G4S security staff when they were at an AIB ATM at 5.20 a.m. in December was delivering cash. 10, 2019, in the Cornmarket area of ​​the city.

He fled with a cash box containing €40,000, but was quickly identified by CCTV as a suspect and arrested by Kevin Street detectives less than a fortnight later.

Yesterday at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, Griffin was sentenced to eight years in prison, with the final 12 months suspended for the offense of cash box robbery, with evidence given by Detective Brian Heaney.

He was sentenced to five years and eight months for the firearms offense, which runs concurrently with the sentence of robbery.

Sources have described Griffin as a “thug and enforcer” who is one of the biggest gangland targets for Gardai in the capital.

“One thing about this criminal is that he usually commits most of his crimes in close proximity to his home,” a source told TODAY.

When not in prison, Griffin was regularly seen driving a gloomy car in the south-inner city, but during his several offseasons, he attacked a member of the Hutch family at the prison house on the orders of the Kinnahan Cartel. .

Griffin and a close aide targeted convicted murderer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch, Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s nephew, at Mountjoy Prison in October 2015.
The ‘Del Boy’ survived a serious injury and was later moved to a different prison.

He was also involved in a savage attack on high-profile criminal Wayne Bradley at Mountjoy Prison in December 2014, which resulted in Bradley requiring three weeks of hospital treatment.

Griffin is currently serving a three-year prison sentence imposed in March of last year for a high-speed chase in 2019 during which he endangered several road users and a family in another car. crashed into.

Gardai was informed of Griffin when he suddenly pulled out of traffic and speeded through a red light on the wrong side of the road in Dublin city centre.

The court heard that during the early stages of the chase Griffin drove on the wrong side of the road, accelerated sharply through a red light and nearly collided with oncoming traffic.

Gardai followed as Griffin drove carelessly through the center of town, forcing other motorists out of their way. He nearly collided with a traffic island and broke two sets of red lights at a pedestrian crossing.

He then crashed into a car on Thomas Street carrying two adults and three children, and the chase ended when Griffin drove his car to a bike stand in downtown Dublin.