More suicidals that die in combat

In one of the most solemn primavera, the Cadetes of the Fuerza Aérea reunite in an auditorium with a pocha luz at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to listen to an official of the 20-hour service and 11 hamblibbars The secrets in the army.

The tenacious coronal JC Glick combines its discourse, the zoom trajectory, with a brewery description of its military experience, primarily in special operations.

It gives a sense of continuity to many of the cadets.

“18 months ago I was trying to get rid of my undecided fight, so my first attempt at safety was made”, he said.

The difference between the two, Glick feels comfortable with the security situation, one of the main reasons for the death of the members of the service. Ahora has a lot of misunderstandings that other people will not be happy about. He is associated with Moth + Flame, a virtual empire realizing in learning to immerse oneself in the joy of learning the secrets in education.

“Do you think ‘á are you thinking in the last minute?’ .

In the 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, most of the military and veterans have died for their safety.

A 2021 study by the Watson Institution of the International Institute of Brown found that more than 30 million members of the Personal Activities and Veterans of the Guerrero posterior to 11 of the Viemeranto 57777 were fighting.

The Department of Defense has an informal approach to security in 2018 to increase transparency and reduce the number of defenses in the Department of Defense. .

The news from 2021 is finalizing, but the news trimester combines offer a mirada al ao pasado. In 2021, 328 secures entered the personal activation service of Ejército, the Infantry of the Marina, the Armada and the Fuerza Aérea. The reservations contained 190 members for safety, and 116 soldados from the Guardia Nacional quitaron la vida el año pasado.

Tener la conversación

The virtual module Virtual Moth + Flame capacitors the service components, readings and commands for which there is a connection with the algorithm that is considerably quitting the life with the objectionable guarantee that the person receiving it. There is also a module for cyanoges. Conversation is activated by voice by the user who tells you things in voice and relays with a person in aprons.

The virtual reality of virtual power will be a hermaphrodite in the general atmosphere to prevent suicidality. The Fuerza Aérea is actually working on the modules. Los Cadetes gave the opportunity to the prominence of the entrepreneur in El Paso despair of a series of questions and answers to the final of the Charla de Glick.

Co-chairman Dana Bochte, Commandant of the ROTC de la Fuerza Aurea for the Universidad Status de Nuevo Mexico and UTEP, valued the virtual reality experience.

“Te pones las gafas. Hay una pequeña introdución y te colocan directly in the escenario de confrontar a aviador o un guardián, ya sabes, alguien en la Fuerza Espacial, que está teniendo pensamientos suicidas”, dijo Bochte

As the commanding officer, he saw how the virtual escarpment turned into real life.

“Bastantes veces, como amiga de compaeros que realmante estaban luchando” y con sus compañeros de equipo que “estuvieron juntos durante un mes entro en afghanistan”, dijo

Bochte también ha visto a otros presentarse en ausuda de ausuda, “ya sea que se identificaron a sí mismos y que vinieron a mí y me dijeron que tenían problemas, o que fueron traídos por compañeros de trabajo y amigosos”.

Prevention in Fort Bliss

The suicidal effect of all the ramas of the Fuerzas Armadas. But the biggest, the Ecclesiastical, you have the highest candidacy of the last one with 176 soldados in active service, 45 of the Reserva and 101 of the Guardia Nacional, since the quarterly information is more than 202 million miles away. en el Ejército.

Fort Bliss did not announce the possibility of secrecy among its members “as a political argument”, but a communication in response to a solicitation of data.

“With respect to our friends of the service of Fort Bliss that succumb to suicidality, this event is a tragic tragedy that affects the family and the members of the service of the family of service, as if to the family of the family of Fort” .

In Fort Bliss, the prevention of security is a prerequisite for good command.

The General Sean C. Bernabe, Commandant Senior of the Prime Minister’s Division Blindada, launched Operation Ironclad in February 2021 to “combat counter-terrorism” with an inflection of three “corrosive” factors that include inconvenience, Animates.

Here is a variation of recursions for the 18 million 193 members of the personal militia of Fort Bliss, which include the conscientious objectors of the familiar military, capillaries ubicados in each batch of naval de esquadrón and superiores escudrón and superior salutes and supreme and conducive; And more recently a program of therapy group “basado en evidencia”.

“We are all in the cupboard with respect to this tema tan difakil”, said the ten-year-old Coronel Gordon Lyons, jeffering the attention to the salute of compassion in Fort Bliss.

“This is the objection of the services of the salute of the compassionate in the Fuerzas Armadas: hassle better, more fuerte, that we have an Ejercito more fuerte and we have more fuerts like país and como nacions”

Lyons say that his proprietors love when a young man inspires an Ingresar El Campo de la Saloude conductual. Explain your papal como like a “guía de viaje” en lugar de un “turista” para los soldados que buscan ayuda de salud mental.

Anything sold, say, could have a specific specific debt to a combination of factors. We sold that we had a very difficult time, actually experimenting with problems with our parents and their children or men with more impulses and especially special attention in the face of crisis, like Lyons.

Sin ban, not a new generation of young people who even have more to say about the mental health, dijo.

“Because this is happening in the camouflage in the social media of being able to talk about abilities and problems about mental issues, psychosocials and emotions to solve our problems and, as a result, there will be more problems as well.”

Dispute the mitzvahs which are in the realm of suicidality, to include those with carriages militia exits, even if it is critical.

Aquilalas personas que son ‘cargadores duros’, como las lamamos en el ejercito, que realmente están en su juego, haciendo las kosas, a veces, a manudo tienen big expectativas de sí mismas. That fact must be taken into account. ”

The program Prevention of Fort Bliss Brinda Brinda Capacity and Education to create conceit in all newcomers. The capacitance obligation is infused in the ACE model of safe intercourse which means “Ask, Care, Escort” (“Pregnancy, Cuida, Accompaña”).

Durante a media session at the Center for Medical Studies William Beaumont in Marzo, the ACE infertility entrepreneur and a discussion with the solders on the mental health barriers to increase the esteem.

“We’re in the right direction,” said Sergeant Prime Minister Claus Antoine Riddick, 38 years old, looking for the perfect entrepreneur.

“The more we hate respect, the more we educate and learn to respect, the more we feel that we will win our esteem”, he said. “We must be like each other and we will be like any other person, and when we need help, this will be the first step.”