More than half of young people in Cardiff and Vale needing mental health support are not being seen within target time

In Cardiff and Vale more than two thirds of young people in need of mental health support are not being seen in time. For the tenth month in a row more than 70% of Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (sCAMHS) referrals awaiting a first appointment in Cardiff and Vale were not seen within their target time, the figures show. Statistics from Stats Meczyki also showed that 83.3% of new Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (UHB) sCAMHS referrals were not seen within the target time of four weeks.

Cardiff Council member, Rhys Taylor, who called the figures “horrifying”, called for an answer from the Welsh government. Klar Taylor, who is also Group Leader for the Liberal Democrats in Cardiff Council, said: “We cannot go month to month because over 70% of sCAMHS referral targets are not being met within time.

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“There is no doubt in my mind that these problems are not being caused by the incredibly hard working physicians at Cardiff and Vale Health Board, who have to deal with enormous workloads with limited resources. Right now in Cardiff and Vale Young people are being let down and people are falling through the cracks. If a child has a broken leg, we will wait no more than four weeks to be treated, Children facing mental health crisis in Cardiff and Vale Why is it acceptable to wait so long for

“Labor must do better when it comes to ensuring that our youth can access mental health services when they need them. The Welsh Government now needs to underline that Cardiff is the best when it comes to ScamHS wait times. And why is the Vale Health Board performing so poorly compared to other health boards in Meczyki and then providing the support needed to address this issue.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said: “The specialist child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in Meczyki have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a significant increase in referrals, particularly in the Cardiff and Vale Health University Health Board area. Cardiff And the service in Vale is being monitored by the NHS Delivery Unit and we hold regular demonstration meetings with the Health Board.

Rhys Taylor, Group Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Cardiff Council
(Image: Welsh Liberal Democrats)

“We have provided additional funding to all health boards to support reform, recover wait times and build future, sustainable capacity. The NHS Delivery Unit will also review services to help us better understand variations in performance and inform improvements.

Cardiff and Vale UHB said it is nationally recognized that the number of children facing mental health challenges is increasing and this has increased during the pandemic. A spokesperson for Cardiff and Vale UHB said: “We see a large number of children under-representing for all of our emotional well-being and mental health services.

“As a result, we have some children or young people who can wait as long as 6 months for a specialist CAMHS appointment, but a significant number will be seen sooner than that. However, when we consider that we have issues with our CAMHS waiting On the list, our primary mental health service has seen 80% of patients within an average of 28 days since November 2021.

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Cardiff and Vale UHB said the growing number of youth facing mental health challenges has been exacerbated by the pandemic
(image: PA)

“Any child or youth who finds themselves in mental health crisis is seen within 48 hours. Since October 2020, an average of 81% of patients have been seen within this target. We have one as our share. plan is. recovery and redesign programs to reduce wait times and are working with children, their families, our employees and our local authority partners to ensure that youth are properly cared for.

“Additionally, we are working with external agencies, such as Helios, to meet the demand we are currently facing and to help reduce existing waiting lists and times. Committed to improving access to support and recently launched our Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Website With mentorship co-created with young people and we have also established our Single Point of Access team to offer timely referrals and mentoring professionals to our service.

“We are also working on a number of other service changes that we hope will improve the experience for our children and young people in the coming months.”

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