Morena y AMLO falacia del triunfo inavitable in 2024 – Meczyki

From the results of the elections that took place in his citadel he became one of the semenas, even President López obrador as the morena de Morena han generalizado The idea of ​​the inevitability of the triunfo of its part in 2024.

President se ha ha visto incluso de buen humorBreaking down the maneuvers and taking care of the ones that hit Alejandro Moreno.

The leader of the party, Mario Delgado, has also been ironed out, replying to the President of PRI, Alejandro Moreno with his hagtash, #FuerzaAlito.

The idea that this perception is relevant is relevant to the political processes that occur.

The creation of que A candidate or a candidate from Inarvitably An election could lead to some dubious votes se inclinen por quien consideran que va a ser el ganador.

You, too, can get what you want Your opponent will vote participant ante la impressi den de que los resultados ya están definidos de antemano.

Including, among commentators and analysts, looking at the events of the day in Toluca, he found the existence of the three prerequisites at the front of Morena, Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Aden Augusto LópezWe believe that in the event of an inquiry he resolves to be a contender as a frontrunner and quiz form for the first time.

No cabe duda que Morena tiene ventajas claras en este momento.

In search of more realized por L. FinancierThe intention of voting for the part in the power is de 41 por ciento I think our most contradictory, el PRI y el PANestán en niveles de 17 y 18 por cientoIt is worth more than 20 points per abajo.

Effectively, Morena has a great sale right now.

without embarking, the oldest electoral processes of the Muslims that are far behind the electoral campaigns, You can modify your relationship with your intensive care.

Simply put, the record that, in the month of 2017, López obrador has made appearances with the 30-year-old who feels the privilege in the various spectacles that he has created.

There are more than 20 points added to the campaign.

Some say that the idea that there is no opposition at this moment implicates candidates that there will be no time construirlos.

In this miscommunication he commented that in the three occasions that he had won a candidacy opponent to the presidency of the Republic, (Vicente Fox, Enrique Peña Nieto and López Obrador) from your candidacy to the next day.

Effectively, if he were to become a candidate opponent with an amplitude that would prove to be a fact-finding campaign at this moment would be much more factual than Pudierra derrotar a Morena.

without embarking, as much experience in Mexico as in other parts of the world The actual social entity is relatively relational to create a candidate in five monthsAlways and when you have the capacitance to get to the electrode.

At times of informative and social information, it is a fact that a disconcido converts in alguien that there is a boca de todos en poco time.

This decides that the principal is not esteemed in the time of his death no hay quien en este momento convoque el respaldo of all options.

At the same time, the only formula that has an ultimate alien opponent is to make it clear that the old man is the media outlet of the definitive selection of his presidential candidacy.

Powdery mildew a special primer of choice Between the aspirants and the bears will be strong, as supremely the hares of Morena, a través de encuestas The communication and interaction of your vote.

If the option to allow this process to take place in the next few months, we will continue to learn more about the inevitability of the triangle of Morena.

The problem is that the people Licensing of PAN and PRI There is no fuss and the legitimacy that is required, probably to be accepted more than the defenders of the questions that are supposed to be present in the construction of this option for the electorate.