Mothers angry over living in Kings Norton High Rise where ‘everyone wants to go out’

Children with ‘difficulty breathing’ cough which will not pass, dust everywhere and ‘no fresh air’. Welcome to the City Tower block where the annoyed mom says: “Everyone wants to go out.”

Neighbors claim that construction work to replace the balconies at Louis Water House in Kings Norton with retro-fit sprinklers and replacement of balconies has damaged the walls and tiles of their newly decorated homes following the Greenfield fire tragedy.

He also claims to have suffered leaks and mold in his flat. Others claim that they are having difficulty breathing because they cannot open the windows because of the balcony installation work.

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“You have no circulation, the children have no air in the bedroom,” said the angry residents. On the ground floor, a mother called her flat a “death trap” because she said there would be no place to flee in the event of a fire.

The other mothers described how they were closing the curtains in the midst of a ‘lack of privacy’ in which builders were able to see their homes from outside. He said angry neighbors were told that the work, which began in April 2021, would be completed within a year and would not affect their lives.

But now, 14 months later, he has been told he will endure another eight weeks. Talking to Birmingham Live about the issues, the mothers claimed that some neighbors have been left so frustrated that they have moved in with friends and family.

The problems started when the balconies were placed back on a high place. Some locals claim that the works caused water to leak out of their flats.

“This is my roof, now a piece is coming down,” says Amy Moore, pointing to the swollen, cracked kitchen ceiling with falling plaster chips.

The roof of Amy Moore’s kitchen after the building leaked

“It simply came to our notice then.

“As you can see the water coming through the light, you can see it on the bulb. It looks like the ceiling is coming down around the light.”

He explained that the leakage gas also goes into the cupboard housing electrical plug.

He said: “Now black mold is growing between the pipes. Water has also started accumulating on the toilet floor.

“This is going to happen again and again. I will see a pit coming through the skirting board. There is no point in spending a lot of money to re-decorate it to get rid of it.”

0 Dsc 6202Jpg
Louis Waterhouse
(Photo: Nick Wilkinson; Birmingham Live)

He claims that the black mold in his room and his nine-year-old daughter’s bedroom has deteriorated as work continues. He added that brown liquid was coming out of his windows “because they are not safe”.

Amy says, “I have asthma. I can’t sleep. I’ve been having about two to three hours, just having trouble breathing or coughing,” says Amy. “We sit in her living room, where a blanket is placed to block the window to give her privacy, as builders can see inside.”

Pointing to the balcony roof, he added: “You can see the roof is falling down there too. I can’t go out to open any window.

“It’s very hot there because it’s so closed. There’s a lot of mess here because I don’t have proper air flow.

1 Dsc 6244Jpg
Amy Moore said she doesn’t feel safe in her upstairs flat while working on the building.
(Photo: Nick Wilkinson; Birmingham Live)

“It’s not good. There was a bee attack inside the original balcony, it was coming in at short intervals.” He claims that whenever it rains, water comes out from under the balcony door.

On the way back to the hallway, Amy, who has fibromyalgia, describes her “struggle” to use the stairs for about a week when the elevator broke during construction. Her daughter also has physical health problems.

“I am in so much pain that I can’t sleep,” she says. “By the time she got upstairs, she was in so much pain, she was lying in bed and didn’t want to move for the rest of the day.” Birmingham City Council said the elevator was now working again.

The floor, covered with mud from work, is “trampled on” in their homes. The mothers pointed to a broken glass in one of the hallway doors, which was reportedly left scattered on the floor before it could be cleaned – a danger to their young children.

1 Toni Oconnor 2

Amy claims that another large window in the hallway, looking at Kings Norton, had birds trapped inside, which caused an infection.

She adds: “Before they changed the window there were boards at the bottom and there was an attack of flies, maggots, ladybirds, lots. There were three dead birds behind because they didn’t check it.”

“We talked to them about it, we said they would somehow let the infection happen. They won’t listen until they pull it down and see,” she claims. She added that she had complained to her liaison officer several times about the problems, but she was “not listening to us”.

“I’m suffering from poor mental health anyway,” she continues, “so living in this flat makes me even more depressed. I’m trying to get out, which is a struggle in itself, and it’s ours.” Making the house worse.

0 Smashed Window In Doorjpeg
The broken glass was allegedly left on the floor along with the broken door.

“It’s taking me to a point where I just want to leave and not come back. I was under the impression that this would happen in less than a year,” he said. Won’t come – and that’s it. “

The desire to leave has also become known to Tony O’Connor’s mother. He said that even his youngest had contracted asthma amid a lack of “fresh air” in the block.

She says: “She was coughing, I had to walk up the stairs because the elevator was not working and I didn’t know what else to do, it’s stagnant, I need fresh air.

“You are not allowed to go to the balcony. You have no circulation, the children do not get air in the bedroom. I really think it is dust on his chest.

“Every child in this block is bad – how? Every woman I talk to, I ask them how their child is, and they say they are on antibiotics. This has never happened before. My kids have never been bad, it’s just “this year, after all the dust, all the dirt, it’s terrible.”

She also claims that the ‘orange oyster’ is coming through cracks in its walls and she has to clean it every day. When we go to the kitchen, she shows us the damage done to her brand new white tiles.

1 Toni Oconnor 2
Tony O’Connor claims that the new tiles in his kitchen were damaged by the builders.

“I’ve spent a lot of money on my flat. I’ve really tried to beautify my flat, I try my best. I tried to redecorate it last year, they came and as soon as it He did it. He did it with my tiles, “she adds. “I decorated my whole kitchen and they decided to come in and knock on my wall.”

She also leaked and said that the builders had left a vent open in her closet, stones had fallen in her washing basket from outside. Fed up with the prospect of work continuing for another eight weeks, she says: “Everyone wants to go out, everyone wants their home and privacy back. Everyone was happy and well before work.”

Kerry Big, a 27-year-old mother of three, explained how she could not get air in her child’s room. Her youngest child, who had red spots on his face, also has a cold that will not change after the building work, he claimed.

Speaking to her ground floor flat, she says: “I can open the handles, I push the windows and they don’t move because the scaffolding is just above the window. I can’t get air, no one in the baby’s room. .

2 The Lounge In Kerrie Biggs Flat Was Allegedly Damaged By The Builders
It claims that the lounge of Kerry Bug’s flat was allegedly damaged by builders.
(Photo: Birmingham Live)

“Look at my poor baby’s face. He’s cold. He can’t shift. It’s been at least two or three months. There’s nothing wrong with that; there’s something in the air.”

She says living on the ground floor is “like living in a prison.” “There’s no fresh air, nothing. If there’s ever a fire, and you can’t get out the front door, I’m stuck here.

“I can’t get out of the windows, I can’t get out of the balcony, I won’t be able to push the scaffolding out. It’s a death trap, it’s literally,” Kerry added.

Her wallpaper has been scratched by incoming builders and foam has been spread on her new wallpaper. “I haven’t decorated it in a long time and I haven’t finished it yet. I can’t be **** anymore,” she says.

He claimed that the wall of his lounge was also damaged due to leakage from work. “When it started dripping, all the yellow came out. They said they would come and re-plaster it, re-paint it. That was four weeks ago,” she says.

0 Dsc 6201Jpg
Low Water House under construction
(Photo: Nick Wilkinson; Birmingham Live)

Birmingham City Council apologized for the “disruption and inconvenience” as it pledged to look into each individual’s complaint and ensure a solution.

A statement from the authority said: “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the ongoing repairs to the outer roof and balconies of the tower. The exterior has been completed.

“We appreciate that it is uncomfortable in this hot weather but it is important to ensure the safety of the working climbers. The lifts have been restored and are now working.

“Each of these tenants’ individual complaints will be considered and we will ensure that the contractor’s liaison officer works closely with the tenant to resolve any issues.” Any further improvements to the property will be made later. Important work has been completed. “

Are you affected by this or a similar situation? You can contact us by email at [email protected]

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