Motonetos imponen su ley en San Cristóbal

Los Motonetos, the armada group that passed the Póniko in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas in this colonial city, considerably magical, from its aproximation of the aunts, without which there is no more. Podido infernar and control.

Actually the group is divided into several subgroups that dedicate fundamentally to narcissism and robo de automobiles and that ahora competes with each other for the control of territories and cotos of power, situated in the maradoscho of the marotoscoder.

Fuentes locale ubican el origin de los motonetos en el 2012, kuando lideres de locatorios del mercado del norte, el más grande de la ciudad, crearon un grupo de choque para defenderse de los extorsionadores que provenananos de los extorionadores.

At the same time, the motonets are as good as possible because they were transported in motonetics with a delightful activation, with a compact component of a great pendulum, but which utilizes the most powerful arms, challenges the performance

Actually the original group is divided into different subgroups, among the ZN, Los Vans and Los Patos, cuyos líderes se dispatan el control no sello del Mercado del Norte, sino de una serie de delictivas que alizmo en realizados que deral. de rosados ​​autos, de maderas preciosas y hasta de pornografía infantil.

And also fundamentally from the motions, a new time to the feh varios líderes of the subgroups have been exploited to utilize the lujo communes.

From the horror of the horrors that live the martial arts, when the various integrations of this group have taken place by the calles with arms of alto poder and realizing various detonations, there is no end to this type.

In October 2021, the integration of Motonetos realizing disasters in the air at various points of the municipality, assumed that the life of a manor of sixty eight, identified as Marisol, was due to have a small transcript of the sue of life.

Además, on the 22nd of February, approximately 100 hombre fuertement armados “patrollaron” a motonetas varied colonies of Norte de San Cristóbal de las Casas, without the slightest authoritarian fr hiciera.

And on the 25th of December, the integration of motons with alto power could lead to the Municipal Policy and Hiccups in the patrols that were established, given that there was a certainty.

The mottoes are attributed to the various variants, among the periodist Fredy López, who was corresponding to the revision of Processo, ocurido 28 october del año pasado.

Embracing the fiscal justification of Indigenous people, Gregorio Pérez Gómez, perpetuated the 10 of August 2021.

A motel also fell from the ascension of Paula Ruiz de los Santos, on the 20th of February, one of the metros of the Palacio Municipal, when he resisted that the robot had lost its motto. The case went viral because the victim had already taken a photo with her aggressor.

Accompanied by testimonials defying the social scars, the jury of terror provoked by the martenos el pasado martes, with the display of arms and detonations, during which the delinquents came to the fore.

For the time being, the Chiapas Fiscal informed that he had initiated an investigation into the carcasses of San Cristóbal de las Casas, and an additional charge for the homicide of a person, identifying as Salvador “N”.

  • The data: Integrators of the Motonetos have been vindicated with the Cartel Chamula, a group of criminal tzotziles, who recognize the existence of the Federal Governorate.