Muerte a las recetas – Meczyki

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“When we hear the answers, we change the questions.”

Mario Benedict

We live in a world where the genes of apocalypse (the dead, the hambre, the guerrilla and the pest) gallop for all the rhinos of the planet.

La maldición china se que consiste en desear tiempos interesantes SE cumple con creces. We are interested in the times we live.

The recitations for the establishment and the conviction always came more than an expectation that a guarantee was granted in the tier.

The finest history of Fukuyama in 1991 came from the city of Muro de Berlin with the supreme triunfo definitive of the liberal ordinance, based on the principles of capitalism, the state of democracy and democracy.

قبر کی خرابی would think that the collapse of the Soviet Union means more things than it really does. The derivation of the UN’s authoritarian authority, centralized, infinite, demagogic, but very few people who are your rivals but simply want to say that your self-esteem is very strong and can be irrigated. Mal de muchos (communists) consuelo de tontos (neoliberales).

Before deciding on our latest history. This is the final set of ñaquellos donde el lepóz nos prometía that debíamos acostumbrarnos a administrar la riqueza petrolera— cuando se and tres cambios histolos enos. of the world.

In 1979, when the leader Chino Deng Xiao Ping ran the book of Mao’s recitations of the fall of the so-called general hambre, causal and destructive to ponder the great asiatic in the rut of a strong capital and commando commandos. This is because the Chinese economy was one of the largest in Mexico, but only a few decades ago it was 15 years old and very few Protestant analysts think it would be the largest economy in the world in the 1930s.

In 1979, when the Islamic Revolution of Iran began to complete the measure and the equilibrium of the Middle East, there was a global petroleum economy like the battalion of civilizations and the conservation of the conservation of the cosmos. Explain the wrong approach to the occasional orquesta.

In 1979, Margaret Thacher, also known as Dama de Hierro, became the first prime minister in English and at the same time her company and Ronald Reagan took over the presidency of the United States. They felt the bases for the desperation of neoliberalism and an accelerated dynamic of transformation that was finite, but not just a decadence, its geopolitical rival of the moment.

The excitations of the new recitations of the newcomers and the first of the XXI trajectories of economic and important benefits, but also the technocratic and incredible application generated

The response of the goblins to salvage the financier of the 2008 crisis only confirmed that the neoliberalism era was totally a mechanism of generalization as a way of concentrating favor in favor of no injustice “satanizadopor”.

Experiment with the concentration of the image in the capsule and the accusative case yesterday to the new world of the new features of information filters by algorithms that alienate us more bajas passions and feelings of destructive n. Callant

The recapitulation of neoliberalism attending as the version of a rental capitalist, speculative, anti-statist and desegregation has become a global phenomenon in the political arena of many countries due to the new dominate recap. the new dominata receta. the new receta.

Receipt that quickly destroys its ingredients, disfruits its people and guarantees its guarantee. There is a need for cocaine that can achieve political, but also destructive social, economic, cultural, medieval, decent and justification.

All of us, we are doing our best, we are the same, we are the ones who know that there are no finances or infallibles. We condone the abandonment of the dogmatism of the sign that the sea for ponernos to work, a pensar, an organizer, an executor of ideas and proprietary new ones that never have a salida falsa.

Not the fascism of Europe, not the soviet of communism, not the fall of the Cuban or Sandinista, not the neoliberalism of Thacher or Reagan, not the chauvinistism of Putin, Bolsonaro or the loosmachos of Putin, Neither loososdutosligo, nor the Bukele cryptocurrency, nor the blank supremacism of Trump or the imperial nostalgia of Imperial Johnson. Ni ningún dogma, ni ninguna receta.

The world needs more than just equations as equivocados, which we need is an incredible civic participation, respect for plurality, organizational capacity, empathy with the demons and delays limpassaronestramones.

The solutions are not in the recitation of the sinews on the fundamentals, the imagination, the creativity and the future of the future.