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Every story of love in the world is special, except for Brazil Mariwon Rocha es única: ella se casó con Marcelo, un muñeco de trapo Get to your medium, and your adventure from love has gone viral in TikTok.

Sí, leíste bien: la mujer contrajo nupcias con el juguete que creó su madre Specially for ella, pues no contact with the time or the disproportionate sufficiency for having a pareja ‘convencional’ gracias a su profión, ya que es bailarina de tiempo completo.

“I wanted a bailee because I was baylarina and did not encounter the nadie that bailara conjigo. I read to my mother and the pedestal that hiccups a trapeze for bailar conjugo. Ella lo hizo and a friend of mine will tell me that she is Marcelo, because she is Merivone and Marcelo ”, shared Meirivone al medio Need to know.

Mujer se casa con muñeco de trapo

Según relata ella misma, If you love Marcelo in the first place in 2020, and a dream of a relationship, decided to ‘live your life in matrimony’ with the juguet tamaño real to the finals of 2021, because it organized a great celebration.

250 people assisted by Boda de Meirivone con su prometido, que también It transmits to the social movements of the red And some local media on radio and television, the situation that made it very popular in Brazil.

“I entered my life and everything felt. La boda fue un día maravilloso para mí, muy importante, muy emotivo. Lolvió mucho, pero fue maravilloso “, declares the mujer de 37 a aos a medios locales.

“From the moment that came to the end of the day, it was simply hers. Luego fui a noche de bodas con mi esposo Marcelo y disfrutamos mucho” de mi luna de miel.

The only girl who says she doesn’t like her esposo is that “it’s a vago”, she has no choice and she wants to eat the food from the house. Forgiveness of sin, describe it as ‘the hombre that always wants in life’.

“I don’t have any problems, I don’t disclose and simply enter me. Marcelo es gran y fiel esposo […] todas las mujeres lo envidian. The life of a woman with her is maravillosa ”, declared.

Mujer tiene un hijo con muñeco de trapo

Find out more about la boda, Meirivone by Instagram and TikTok on Facebook su primer hijo con Marcelo: otro muñeco de trapo al que decidieron llamar Marcelino y, then the mujer: “se parece mucho a su padre

On Instagram, there is a video that shows a couple of images during her ’embark’ with a prominent panza; Include declaring that the subsequent peso in the ‘gestación’. “El me dejó embarazada. Me hice la prueba, fue positiva. No podaa creerlo”, aseguró.

Al igual que su boda, The ‘nacimiento’ was transmitted in TikTok with 200 spectators, who presided over the ‘part’ of a medical and a medical aid to the patient in about 35 minutes for Marcelino ‘to go to the world’.

Accompanied by his testimonies, the nickname of his baby fue like any other, donde Hubo sangre, cordón umbilical y hasta Placenta. “Es genial”, dijo.

The class ‘oculta’ of her matrimony with Marcelo

A pesar de que ha declarado en diferentes ocasiones que The problem is when the critic criticizes And if your matrimony is false, then it is true lo hizo para participar en un programma de televisión y así ganar una casa.

I want to make a house for my hijos, poderlos sacar adelante, because this is me with Marcelo ”, one of his videos from TikTok. This is also the reason why he shared his Instagram account.

“The next step is to give the idea of ​​casinos to the potential operator before the most likely candidate, with the fines of building a casino. Find a lot of people to take this notice to present something or something that can help you realize this is your dream of life ”, he wrote.

Además de Marcelino, Meirivone has two human beings and work as a home business, locator, impacter, messenger and pedagogy, all of them.