Multan a Bankaool por esconder cartera vencida

چیہواہوا– The National Commission for Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) is one of the institutes of the original chihuahuense Bankaool to escort its carte blancheda, because it is obliged to make a correlation with the registrars and the application with a san9000.

The inference in Article 99 of the Ley of the Creditito Institution (LIC) will be accepted in the year 2020, but the multifaceted firm will be able to do this and that will be followed by a report on the credentials of the Credits.

The registration of the carte blanche or with the problems of Bankaool has been evident in its public reports of the financial situation, with increments of eleven thousand 267 per cent between the months of 2021 and 2022.

Appears in May of May, the standard of the standard credit and Poor’s (S&P) advocacy that there is a deterioration in the quality of the bank’s activated chihuahuense, associated with a high index of morose, because of the laminivo de california morosidad en grado especulativo (BB with perspective negative).

The application for the bancaria authorization is stable because Bankaool infringes on the normalization of the normalization of the credentials of credit institutions.

“Every act or contraction that signifies variance in activation or in the passivity of an institution created by credible or implicit obligation directly or consistently, should be registered in the misdiagnosis given that it is effective”, lao 9.

Agrega: “The compatibility, the libraries and the documents that will be preserved, will be regulated by the General character that the National Bancaria Commissar and the Valores tend to accept the incomparable. contabilidade la Comisión Financira de los Institutions “.

The most common sensations for these conducts, he says, in the case of the original Chihuahuense institute, the contemporary in the article 108, the total stable within between 10 mil and 50 millarios.

There are so many days

The multitude of CNBVs seems to have added to the number of days that Bankaool had in his operation, from the crisis that he has extended from the past to the present.

The latest results from the state of the art, reported to be the most authoritative bancaria, during the first few months of the year the institute has operated with a margin of financing limited to 78 million pesos.

The first operative of the Exercise is particularly explicit because of the administrative and personal gastrointestinal tract, which at least 113 million pesos, due to the very high respect of the activism of the institute.

It has been reported that more than 12 months ago, the bank presented a capital gain of 977 million pesos, despite the analysis of all its state financiers reports by the proprietor bank as well as the CNBV.

At the end of the day, with his cartridge, with the actual 30 April of the year, the one he met in Etapa 1, he decides to go to Corriente, continually a clan tendencia a la baja: a tan sólo un lapso de dos mesas hakído en a 4.43 por ciento.

The cartoons that present the problems of the cobra (denominated Etapa 2) have an increasingly remarkable D-Mill 294 for ciento, en lapso del 31 de enero al 30 de abril, de acuerdo con los estados financieros correspondentses.

Increasingly this has resulted in the deterioration in the quality of the activos as per the classification of the carte blanche in the registers, which has been observed and sensed by the CNBV.

Ademeás, la cartera vencida (Etapa 3) must have a sobriety of 15.63 per cent in a horizontal apenas 30 days. The implant presents a fuerte amenaza and cuisine the capacity in the medicine created by the part of the institute.

With these registrations, Abril Bankaool presented an indication of Morosidad (Imor) at 2.5 per cent, which is notably the current mayor of 1.56 presented at the last match comparable.

The advertised S&P is deteriorating

The calculator of the standard credit and Poor’s (S&P) advocates the deterioration in the quality of the bank’s activated chihuahuense, associated precisely with the problems of the carte blanche.

“It is important to note that if Bankaool does not recover from the constant deterioration in the functionalities of the newcomers, we will revisit the market to evaluate its positioning, so that we do not take into account the inclusiveness of the market.” de califikadora fechado el 20 de abril de este año.

“During the last quarter of 2021, Brad Hanson, who is one of the principal agents of the bank, was designated as the new director general of Bankaool, who had to make a reconfiguration of the organizational report”.

“Considering that the process of restructuring could offer opportunities for improvement and fortification of the Gobiro corporativo futuro; without embargo, the result of the organizational change in the bank’s design is still a matter of materialization.”

“The negative perspective for the next 12 months from the banquet of Largo plaza, reflects the prescriptions on the quality of the activator of the bank, which can be limited by its rental ability to activate the quality of the banco. , that we can always limit our rentability of the large plazo of Bankaool.

The calcifier ascent that Bankaool has a model of negativity that is present at a base of clients with greater credit credits and more sensible changes in the economic cycle, with the objectionable mayoral mergers of rentability. If operating in a contracted sector, as is agropecular, “we consider that the exposure of carte blanche is more vulnerable to the merchant’s adverbial conditions, as with the services of financiers, commerce, pymes and constructs of construction.