Mum shares heartbreaking image of daughter who died as Barnsley Hospital staff ‘ignoring alarm bells’

A brave mother shares pictures of her daughter lost during childbirth. Emily Barley said staff at the hospital where she was giving birth “ignored the alarm bells” and “flapped around” when they could save her.

Emily said she was convinced baby Beatrice would be alive and well if “appropriate action” had been taken by Barnsley Hospital’s maternity ward staff. She went into labor on May 20 at 1.40 pm.

She said the pregnancy was “unequal”, but that Beatrice had died before she was born. Barnsley Hospital has apologized and said that “immediate changes” were made, YorkshireLive reports,

Emily of Rotherham claimed that midwives and doctors “chosen to continue with repeated monitoring” when the CTG trace – monitoring a baby’s heartbeat – showed a “serious drop” in Beatrice’s heart rate. She claimed that the hospital staff “ignored the alarm bell, which should have meant that the mother and baby were taken by caesarean section”, including Beatrice’s heartbeat, which was first detected at 4.58 a.m. was monitored, which became difficult to find.

Emily was transferred to the hospital’s birthing center at 5.25 p.m., but after two heart-wrenching hours, she was finally told by the consultant obstetrician that Beatrice’s heart was no longer beating. Emily claimed she was forced into a three-hour labor after the obstetrician “refused to discuss birthing options and left the room without giving her sympathy”. Beatrice’s birth shortly before 9.40 p.m. was showing no signs of life.

Emily, leader of the Rotherham Council Conservative Group, said: “For more than two hours the people who had to look after me and my baby turned around instead of doing anything. It seems that all of these People have seen my child die.

“At the time I was in a lot of pain, with simultaneous contractions and I didn’t understand what was going on – but now I know there were so many opportunities to save my daughter. I’m devastated. I’m in pain.

“I can’t find the words to describe how it feels. Every morning I wake up hoping it’s all a nightmare and then I cry when I find out again that it’s real. Mine The child is really dead and shouldn’t be.

“I can’t understand why nothing was done. The hospital has apologized, but they can’t say anything that will bring my daughter back. Now I’m concerned that more children at Barnsley may be injured or die.” can.”

Beatrice dies of heartbreaking death before being born at Barnsley Hospital
(Image: Emily Barley)

Emily’s mother and birthing partner that day, Jill Thompson, said: “It was horrible. I was yelling at them for doing something. I was asking for a C-section long before Beatrice died and they ignored me.” At one point they were talking about how the cables on the monitoring machine had broken and I was saying ‘It’s the baby, when will you realize it’s a problem with the baby?’

“Finally, minutes before Beatrice’s heart stopped beating, the doctors were laughing about covering up the baby’s head and making her skinny. Their carelessness killed my granddaughter.”

A Barnsley Hospital spokesperson said: “We are deeply sorry and express our deepest condolences for the loss of baby Beatrice. The Trust made some immediate changes to discuss the events of Beatrice’s birth prior to meeting with Emily and her mother. We also look forward to learning more from the results of the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) investigation, which is ongoing.”

NHS Barnsley CCG chief nurse Jayne Shivakumar said: “While we are aware of the matter, we are unable to comment on individual matters. We express our deepest sympathies to Emily and her family during this difficult time.”

The HSIB is expected to release the findings of its investigation later this year.

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