Murder convict flees Birmingham after luring young drug dealer to death in ‘Turf War’, court says

Five people have been charged in connection with the killing of a teenager during a drug-related “turf war” in which he fled to Birmingham. Seven people have been charged with the murder of 18-year-old Abdul Rahim Mohammad, who was repeatedly stabbed to death.

James House QC, the prosecutor, told the Leicester Crown Court jury that the victim was “set” and “lured” into a street in Leicester, where she was ambushed on September 8 last year. Defendants are: Rizwan Gul (26), of whom no address, Zakir Brant (26), Bell Road, Northfields, Leicester, Muhammad Israfil Gul (28), Newway Road, Stony Gate, Daniel Pollard (30). Calder Road, Beaumont Lease, Mohammed Hansroad (30), Delverton Road, West Coates, Abdul Hameed Suleiman (59), Jupiter Close K, High Fields and Bhavik Parmar (26), Bowling Green Street, off Bellevue Street, in downtown.

Mr House said: “At 11.40pm on September 8 last year, a young man, Abdul Rahim Mohammed, was chased, caught, beaten, stabbed seven times and killed by bloodshed. Despite the efforts of those who came to her aid (in the Melbourne Street area), along with police and paramedics, she was not rescued.

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He died at Leicester Royal Infirmary at 1.21am on 9 September. There were severe internal injuries and a lot of bleeding. Damage. ” He added: “When they knew Abdul Rahim was the place they wanted to keep him, they took him in two cars, at least two knives, maybe more, as well as bats, sticks or pieces of wood. Were equipped with

“Everyone was wearing balaclavas or masks with hoods to hide their identities. After attacking Abdirahim, they managed to escape in one of their two cars and left the other at the scene.” That was not part of the plan. I accidentally dropped the car keys on the person they were attacking. “

Mr House told the jury: “The reason he was attacked was because he was a” rival drug dealer. ” The court heard what happened there, along with Muhammad Hansrod – and another man, Fahad Ali Saleem, who was injured and needed hospital treatment.

He continued: “This is what is commonly known as turf war, in which rival dealers compete for customers and are ready to attack each other to get them. Attack. After doing and returning, Rizwan Gul and others intended to take revenge and as a result after attacking and killing Abdul Rahim, most of the people involved left Leicester and within a few hours, the attackers Five of them arrived in Birmingham, in early September 9, Leicester. “

Mr House said: “Prosecutors say the fact that the suspects went to Birmingham a few hours after the murder is strong evidence of who was involved in the murder. They were all part of a group of two cars. I arrived at the scene, attacking Abdul Rahim. Three other people are also on trial for allegedly helping a criminal – which they deny – by allegedly providing assistance, such as clothing. Or Transport. They are Fahad Ali Saleem (26) of Frederick Street, Spinney Hills, Khatib Gul (58) of Apollo Court, Highfields and Adam Brant (29) of Bell Road, Northfields.

Mr House told the jury: “The prosecution alleges that the trio assisted one or more defendants after the murder, either by taking them away from Leicester or by assisting them in some way while living in Birmingham. Knowing that he was involved in the attack on Abdul Rahim, or knowing that he was involved in at least some crime. “


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