‘Music of the Spears’ World Tour 2022 Cold Play will return to Mexico with three dates.

along with Echo Tour, Cold Play will return to the country. They will be inside. Monterey And Guadalajara March 25 and 29, respectively. Then, in April, they will end with the passage through Mexico. CDMX., On day 3

“We’ve been planning this tour for years,” Coldplay announced on its social media, adding that they are aware of it. Climate crisis The planet is passing through. Given this, they report spending more than two years. Consult with an ecologist to make the visit “as sustainable as possible.”.

“It simply came to our notice then We are determined to do our best. And share what we’ve learned. This work is ongoing and we are grateful for the help we have received so far.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public from Thursday. October 21, On 11:00 hours On the platform Ticketmaster.A Concert access is not yet known, however. Special pre-sale For Citibanamex cardholders Tuesday, October 19, On 11:00 hours, Where you can find more details about prices and locations.

These are the stadiums they will visit. BBVA status. Of Monterey, Acron. In Guadalajara and Sun Forum In Mexico City

About the idea of ​​”an environmental tour”, The band plans to reduce its carbon footprint.For this, dynamic destinations will be added. Energize the concert. When the spectators move and jump on it.

Similarly, A tree will be planted at each ticket sale.A It should be noted that Cold Play has been credited. One of the biggest tours in history., Earn more than. 500 million euros.


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