Napoleón says he knows La Laguna very well and celebrates that he can return this Thursday, El Siglo de Torreón

Throughout his life he has won the affection of the public for his songs and for his simple way of being, throughout Mexico and in La Laguna he could not be the exception.

In Torreón, Gómez, Lerdo and the other cities that make up the region; José María Napoleón has made fantastic friends, which is why he is quite excited about giving a concert in the region again on Thursday at La Velaria at the Gómez Palacio National Fair.

“For me, La Laguna has always been a very beautiful and important place. I am happy to go and sing for you on November 25. I hope that many lagoons will join us because it will be a farewell concert”, he said in an exclusive interview with El Siglo de Torreón

The interpreter commented that he knows very well these countries that managed to overcome the desert.

“I just talked to my family about how to walk in Torreón, walk, cross a block and then it’s Gómez, and when you’re in Gómez, just keep walking, cross another block and it’s already Lerdo,” he commented. he enthusiastically.

The singer expressed by phone from his home in the city of Aguascalientes, who with this presentation will say goodbye to the public in Gómez Palacio.

“I have already started my farewell tour in Toluca and Morelia and I will continue in Gómez Palacio. We will sing my melodies again for the last time,” he explained.

In a sincere way, José María informed that he will withdraw from the stage because he wants to do well, both physically and vocally, as he is now.

“People say to me, ‘Hi, why are you going’, then I explain to them why I want to retire in order to do well and not be bad at trying to do it.

“I feel good, thank goodness. I have had ups and downs, but I have always respected life in all its principles and I think about the consequences of a poorly led life.”

The artist clarified that he will stop offering concerts, but he will continue to release record material and compose.

“As long as God gives me life and I have the ability to create, the last thing I want to do is stop loving my family and keep making songs.”

“I’m making an album with Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlán in Guadalajara. It looks beautiful, it’s material that contains new and previous songs; next Monday and Tuesday I will put together the voice,” he explained.

In the conversation, Napoleon was sincere and told exclusively that some lovers of other people’s things threw him on the floor to steal his mobile phone, which caused him several fractures that took him to the hospital.

“In August last year, I ran my route, so two young boys with no good intentions made me fall to the very hard floor, which generated four fractures in my shoulder.”

“What a pity it’s not worth living. You have to work and get the things you have to have and not take them away from others,” he said, adding that because of this experience and his recovery, he can no longer run, an activity as it always made him excited.

On the other hand, Napoleón celebrated having recorded the album Vive (2015) where he did duets with Maria José and Mon Laferte, as it allowed him to get closer to the new generations.

“Notice that it was the idea of ​​Brandon Gómez, a very important producer. He was the reason for all this, I was a little reluctant at first; twice he called me and I said no, my son made me see reason, I jumped to see Brandon, the record was broken and that has been one of my great achievements. “

The singer reported that he continues to work with other artists, such as laureate Carlos Rivera and Bronco, a group that will perform at the Gómez Fair next Friday.

“I just did a duet with Carlos on the song Vive, he is a good friend and a great person, the song was very beautiful. I also did another duet with Bronco, with my friend Lupe Esparza, from Lo que no fue no sera” .

Regarding the pandemic, José María commented that he had already given covid-19 to him and his family, but two of his nephews left after losing the battle against the disease.

“My nephews and dear friends passed away. I ask you to continue to take care of you please, if the governments, especially the federal ones, did not know how to handle this contingency, you do; please, do not lower your guard.”


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