Natti Natasha opens her heart in a new documentary series

Natti Natasha has it all: fame, international success, a baby. But none of this was easy for the Latin music star, who is now sharing his journey with the world.

The Dominican reggae toner has a new documentary series on Amazon Prime, “Everybody Loves Natti”, where she opens her house to the cameras.

In the program, she shares intimate details about her life for the first time, such as dating her manager Raphy Pina and becoming a united family with all three of his children. It also reveals the trials and tribulations he went through as an immigrant when he arrived in the United States.

“The losses, why did I do it, how did I do it, you know, I did not have (money) for food,” the artist told The Associated Press in a recent interview in English.

But the most difficult topic for her to address in public was her fertility problems.

“I felt like ‘Oh my God, I’m not feminine enough. What should my partner say? There are so many things going through your head and I wish I had more information. So talk about it in “Everyone Loves Natti” It’s definitely a moment because I’ve never had it, he said.

With billions of views on YouTube and more than 75 million followers on social media, Natti Natasha wanted to remove some of the stigma that women experience when exploring their options for getting pregnant. The interpreter of “Sin Pajamas” and “Criminal” explained that she wanted her fans to see beyond her artistic and perfect life: “I also had to share the strange moments. And for me, that’s really what makes a person.”

He said he had no one to ask personally about infertility, so he turned to blogging, the internet and research.

“To tell everyone that I wanted to get pregnant and that I could not. I tried the whole hormone thing and the doctor said I could not. Nothing happened. To gain 15 pounds in a week because of all the hormones is crazy,” he said. .

And then when she got pregnant, she hid it for as long as she could while working on her album “Night Divide”.

“I’m here. I like it, I feel sexy. I feel powerful. I feel how beautiful I’ve felt in my life, actually, and happy,” she said from Miami.

Their daughter, Vida Isabelle Pina Gutiérrez, was born on May 22. Natti Natasha said with a smile that she is proud that her daughter’s first words were “mother”.

“I’ll record it, I’ll tell her, ‘please say mom. Say it so the world can hear you,'” he said with a laugh. close, you know, that she wants your love makes me feel like I have all the love in the world to give. It’s a blessing. ”

The six-episode series, currently available on Amazon Prime, includes appearances by some of his famous friends, including Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce and Becky G.

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