NBC News calls Afghan coalition withdrawal ‘politically hot issue’ … Stephen Miller

Roll call reporter Caroline Simon Tweeted. It is noteworthy that many Republican lawmakers support Afghan SIVs, and are demanding their immediate withdrawal. Aaron Rachelin, an immigration policy expert. Tweeted Miller is a white supremacist who recently announced that the United States should suspend all legal immigration indefinitely, a fact that should be at the forefront of any reporting.

Meanwhile, Daily Cos Carrie Elliott. It was noted in the piece on Wednesday. That new data for Progress Polling also shows strong support for Americans. To speed up visas for Afghan allies and their families. “Those who support the regulated visa process include a majority of Democrats (62) and independents (56), as well as a 45% majority of Republicans,” he wrote. That shouldn’t be controversial – maybe that’s why NBC News has to refrain from quoting a well-known racist torpor.


The Wall Street Journal. Reports Who lives in Houston, Texas. Naqibullah Laghmani is among those who are worried about his family in Afghanistan. Laghmanai, a former U.S. military translator, said in the report that the Taliban had already searched relatives’ homes, and now feared for the lives of their parents and siblings. “Mr. Laghmanai’s family in Kabul had already received threats from the Taliban and had been in hiding for months because they suspected his work for the US government and his father’s work for the Afghan government.

The former translator said his parents and siblings had applied for special visas, but the process has been going on for more than a year now. After the Taliban’s defeat in Afghanistan last weekend, there is no time left. “Their only hope is to get them out, and I can’t,” he said in the report.

These are the stories we should raise. Instead, the mainstream media is really making decisions to elevate white supremacists. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated issue. Media matters Revealed These are the big outlets this summer. Since 2019, hundreds of articles have cited a total of anti-immigrant groups. Two anti-immigrant groups, Federation for American Immigration Reform and Center for Immigration Studies, There are designated hate groups.

Because it needs to be repeated, clearly:


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