NBC’s El Michaels calls Antonio Brown’s rape and rape allegations ‘problems’

Antonio Brown's sexual abuse allegations ۔

Antonio Brown’s allegations of sexual harassment are not “problems”, El Michaels said.
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It took less than a full quarter for NBC’s Opening Night Broadcasting Team, led by El Michaels and Chris Collinsworth, to show how little care they received for the women who watched the game. Do

In the first quarter of the season between Dallas and Tampa Bay, Michaels brought up Antonio Brown’s “problems of the past.” Only he never said what those problems were.

So let’s take a look. Antonio Brown has been charged. Sexual harassment An artist works in his home, throws a bag of gummy dicks at police officers and insults everyone Caught in the video, Calling his children’s mother a “broken whore” in front of children Violent sexual assault , An allegation he made in a civil suit this spring, after a trial court judge heard the case for next December. (Brown denies any involvement in sexual harassment or assault.)

Let’s take a look at these allegations, in which Brown is accused by his former trainer Britney Taylor of three separate acts of sexual assault. You can read the entire federal case for yourself. Here (Brown denied assaulting or abusing Taylor and responded with defamation.)

“In June 2017, Brown sexually assaulted Ms. Taylor twice while they were together for a training session. First, Brown exposed himself and kissed Ms. Taylor without her consent. At the end of the day, Brown, while in position behind Ms. Taylor, unknowingly began to masturbate near her and ejaculate on her back. Ms. Taylor realized what had happened when she realized that her A wet spot in her clothes is getting wet. Later, in surprisingly dirty and angry text messages, Brown bragged about the incident.

And it gets worse.

On May 20, 2018, Brown surrounded Ms. Taylor, forced her to lie on the bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and raped her. Ms. Taylor tried to resist, but Brown was very strong and physically overpowered. She screamed and cried throughout the rape, repeatedly chanting “no” and “stop”. Brown refused and got into it. Brown’s attacks and rape have traumatized Ms. Taylor. Ms. Taylor suffers from daily panic attacks and suicidal ideation.

The lawsuit, which Brown was accused of, was never mentioned by Michaels, and was followed by the usually horrific Michelle Tafoya, who focused on the fact that a Great friend Tom Brady is standing with Brown. problems. The “issues” we’ve already discussed include allegedly treating different women like complete garbage. Even Brady allowed Brown to live with his family and his family, including Of his wife and daughter, it’s not something to celebrate, and it’s been a long time since anyone asked Brady (and Bruce Irenes, for that matter) if he had anything to say to women, Brown. Has been accused of brutality.

We women, who account for 47% of the NFL’s own fan base, have no qualms about what the NFL thinks of us. The fact that Dishon Watson has been accused by 22 women of various types of sexual abuse and is technically still eligible to play in Week 1, as the league refuses to acknowledge that Ben Rothlsberger was accused of rape Many women (Both Watson and Ruth Lesberger denied any wrongdoing.) And the lack of seriousness with which the league disciplines its players became very clear when Josh Brown Despite years of evidence of abuse of his wife, he was initially suspended for one game (the league added six more after media reports).

We don’t care We got it

The NFL will never change, because it is not needed. Check out some of the answers I got pointing out that Michaels and Tafvia went out of their way to sanitize Brown for their male audience to enjoy. Random pattern.

This guy was:

And this man:

And always, there is always a boy with daughters in his profile picture.

And many boys who demand criminal punishment before they believe an athlete has raped a woman.

So let’s look at a few of them. First of all, screaming at all the guys about the charges being “dropped”, you’re not even in the right court system, very little right page. Like the vast majority of rape cases, Brown has never been charged. It is difficult to charge rape when accused. do not have According to a famous player, in fact. the rain (National Network for Rape, Rape and Adultery), 995 out of every 1,000 sexual assaults will be free. And it’s commonplace, rarely when a rich and famous player with a lawyer, an agent and an NFL team behind him. Especially if it takes time for the victim to communicate with an attacker.

Second, many people confuse “innocence until found guilty”, a criterion we use in a criminal court to deprive someone of their freedom, along with public opinion. No one expects El Michaels and Chris Collins to sue Worth Brown or send him to prison. I’m just saying that the NFL and its partners need to acknowledge what Brown was accused of, instead of cracking down on all the “issues”. What are the “problems” anyway? You can have “problems” with your neighbor by letting his dog bark overnight. You may have “problems” working late with your boss. The charges against Brown are even worse. And no matter how many #NFL postings the NFL has made, they owe it to their female fans to at least admit the facts. Brown was charged with aggravated assault and settled in a civil suit last spring.

But the main reason for Michaels, NBC, and the NFL is that they have a responsibility to their fans not to see the allegations against Brown as “problems.” The reason is how many guys out there tweeted things like this to me:

When we don’t talk about rape (and violence against women in general), these are the stories that catch on. The number of men who tweeted to me that Brown was 1) found innocent, 2) that the charges were dropped, or 3) that Taylor was found to be a liar was staggering. Of course, none of that is true. But pushing rape into a dark corner, especially when a celebrity is accused, is intended to influence his views or not, many young people are already women and have a reputation. Is where sexual assault takes place.

And by the way, unless you think a big group of guys are taking crude from me, here’s what. Box GM Jason Lecht. Brown told the media about re-signing for the season:

Jason Lecht, general manager of Buckiners, said Wednesday. Leach said he is in talks to re-sign Brown for the 2021 season and that the status of Taylor’s case has not affected negotiations. “But it wasn’t. You know, it’s not necessarily the deciding factor whether we keep talking or not.”

So the next time you see Roger Goodell go on about how seriously the NFL takes violence against women, or how good Tom Brady is, or how many women are on the boxing Aryans coaching staff, Just remember that everyone involved refused to acknowledge the seriousness of Britney Taylor’s allegations.


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