Nearby districts: Ballyhia and Freemount


hurch notes

Church Gate Collection – No Church Gate collection taken at St Mary’s Church, supported by Ballyhia Parish. Any group or organization intending to gather outside the church gate is asked to present at the sacrifice copies of the letters of authorization from those who gather on their behalf, as well as copies of their permits. This must be done before collection begins.

Ballyhiya National School

Enrollment forms are now available for September 2022. For more information please contact the office on 063 81086 or by email at

Ballyhiya Preschool – New Build

There was a bake-off vibe to fundraising activities with a bake sale in the community hall next to the preschool. Many thanks to the very talented bakers as well as their little helpers for all the delicious treats. Special thanks to the sponsors for their support in presenting the raffle prizes on that day. An impressive total of €1973.65 was raised.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for details on upcoming fundraising activities. For now all that can be said is that there will be fun and super prizes. More information and updates regarding the project and fundraising activities can be found on Facebook here.

Several volunteers are helping to bring the project to life and many roles have already been filled, although the board is looking for help to fill the role of treasurer. If you are interested, please email

Assistance in role change will be provided.

GAA Club Notes

All-Ireland victory – Congratulations to our immediate neighbor Counties, who went on to win three consecutive All-Ireland senior hurling titles, winning against Kilkenny in a thrilling All-Ireland senior hurling final played at Croke Park on Sunday 17 July . There was a historic event as the Senior All-Ireland had never been played in July. Well done John Keely, the players and everyone involved.

Online Shop – The club’s online shop is proving to be very popular. All the latest club gear can be purchased from O’Neill’s website. Check it out at

Instagram – The club can now be followed on Instagram. Visit BallyhigaClub to see the latest club photos.

community alert

Ballyhea Community Alert has successfully established a text alert network to immediately alert our community when an incident occurs. Prompt notification to and from Gardai prevents criminal activity. If you are interested in becoming a member of our text alert network, please call any of the following people for information and sign up details – Phil Ryan 087 2937465, Pat Daly 086 1220114, James Horgan 087 2572271, Willie Meaney 087 1936842, Conn Walsh 086 8570355. The fee for this service is €10 annually.


Weekly 45 Drive

45 Drive resumes Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Heritage Center (The Old School). Admission €10. We request our patrons to wear their masks and sanitize their hands on their way. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday night.

Last Sunday night’s winners were: First prize went to Nora Mai Dean and Eileen O’Connor, Glash. The best women’s team was Eileen Tomei, Newmarket and Kathleen Guinn, Glash. Best gents were: 1 Conn Foley and Ben O’Sullivan, Freemount; 2 Michael O’Callaghan, Freemount and Michael Flynn, Pheohanagh. The best mixed team was Maureen Vaughan, Kantark and Kevin Murphy, Cullen.

Spot prizes won by Hugh Murphy, Boherbeau, and Jerry O’Callaghan, Freemount. The following won the Raffle Prize: 1 Margaret O’Regan, Kilmeddy. 2 Michael O’Callaghan, Freemount. 3 Ben O’Sullivan, Freemount. 4 Hugh Murphy, Boherbeau. 5 Chris Wallace, Freemount. 6 Theresa O’Regan, Kilmedy. 7 Nelly Mae Foley, gl.

The cards will continue this Sunday night, July 31 at 8 pm.

Jimmy Ready back on the radio

Every Saturday at 1 PM Jimmy’s will have his own music show at Cork Music Station. On the same station you can listen to Jimmy with a new program called Jimmy Ready and Friends on Tuesdays at 8 PM. You can tune on your computer, laptop or tablet or smartphone. We wish them all the best in their new venture.

social dance

Join us for a Sunday social dance at Freemount Hall this Sunday 31st. With July’s Finbarr Dennehy.

A great afternoon of entertainment is sure to go so get your dancing shoes ready. A bank holiday treat not to be missed. ,

Admission costs €10 and tea is included. The aircode is P56 P893. And save the date because Glenn Flynn will play on Sunday, August 7.

lego stem summer camp

LEGO STEM Summer Camp will take place at Freemount Hall from August 15 to August 19 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This camp is taught by Bricks4Kidz West Cork. For booking or any other details please contact Eileen Beatty on 089 942 5496.

komhaltas news

Seisiun Cancelled – Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with regret that we have to cancel this year’s weekly Seisiun on Wednesday nights at The Heritage Center. We look forward to restarting our full program in 2023.

Munster Flead Cheoil Results – The following is a list of the winners of Craobh Chronain (Freemount) at the recent Munster Flead Cheoil in Newcastle West. We wish everyone the best of luck at All Ireland Floyd, and hope they have a great weekend at Mullinger Friday/Saturday Sunday 5/6/7 August.

1a Fidil / Fiddle (Faoi 12): 1st Oisin Conchir, cc, Kronan, Corcagh

2A Bosca Ceoil / Button Accordion (Faoi 12): Third Oisín Conchúir, CCÉ, Chronáin, Corcaigh

3a Feidog Mhor/Flute (Phaoi 12): 1st Oisin Konchir, cc, Kronan, Korkagh

5a Cairdin Piano/Piano Accordion (Faoi 12): Third Ciara Nick Amhalaoib, CC, Cronnan, Corcagh

5b Cairdin Piano / Piano Accordion (12-15): 2nd Cliona née Chonchubair, CCÉ, Craobh Cronan, Corcagh

5c Cardin Piano / Piano Accordion (15-18): 2nd Sean Mac Amhloibh, CC, Cronnan, Corcagh

10a banseo/banjo (faoi 12): 3rd Kyle Cronin, CCÉ, Cronan, Corcagh

10c banseo/banjo (15-18): 1st Eoin Tornoir, ccÉ, Cronán, Corcagh

12c Piano / Piano (15-18): 3rd scene Mac Amhloibh, CC, Cronan, Corcagh

13a Milodion/Melodion (Faoi 12): 3 Oisin Conchir, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcagh

14d Roga Glas / Misc (O18): 1 Fionn Hanluen, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcagh

15A Tionlacan / Accompaniment (Faoi 12): 1st Ciara Nic Amhlaoibh, CCÉ, Chronáin, Corcaigh

15c Tionlakan / Sangat (15-18): 3rd Scene Mac Amhloibh, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcaigh

18d Foin Mhla, Fidil / Fiddle Slow Aires (O18): 1st Leah nee Mhurchu, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcagh

19a Foin Mhla, Pib Uilian / Ulyan Pipes Slow Aires (Foi 12): 2nd Oisin Conchubhair, CCÉ, Craob Kronan, Corcagh

20a Foin Mhalla, Phydog Mhor / Flute Slow Winds (Foi 12): 1st Oisin Konchir, cc, Kronan, Korkagh

20b Foin Mhalla, Feidog Mhor / Flute Slow Wind (12-15): 2nd Muiren ni Chonchuir, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcaigh

22b Fain Malla, kraut/harp Slow winds (12-15): 1st Cliona née Chonchubair, cc., Craobh Kronan, Corcaigh

25A Bannai Ceili/Seili Band (FAOI 12): First Crossfield Ceili Band, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcagh

25B Bunny Seely/Sely Band (12-15): Third Crossfield Seely Band, CCÉ, Cronan, Corkaugh

26A Grúpaí Ceoil (Faoi 12): 2nd Ceoltóirí Chronáin, CCÉ, Chronáin, Corcaigh

33a English Vocal (Ladies) / Amhrain Bhairla (Forbidden) (foi 12): Second Abha ni Dharaighanen, cc., Srid a’ Moulin, Korkaigh

33c English singing (ladies) / Amhrain Bhairla (mna) (15-18): 1 first ni ni Mhinechan, ccÉ, Cronan, Korkagh; 2nd Cat née Shuilebhan, CC, Kronan, Korkaghu

33d English Singing (Ladies) / Amhren Bharela (MNA) (O18): 3rd Leah nee Mhurchu, CCÉ, Kronan, Corcaigh

mother and baby exercise class

If you would like to attend these mother and baby classes contact Valerie (Misfit Studio) on 086 1749611. These classes will equip you with the knowledge how to help with post-pregnancy rehab and rebuilding strength. Using core and breath work to develop core and pelvic floor muscles while increasing mobility, overall health and confidence.

old photos

Why don’t you check out your supply of old photos and send them to us with a caption. We can send them in weekly paper or we can put them on our parish website for posterity. The email address is Start Searching!

St. Michael’s Church

Mass Sundays at 10.30 a.m. Normal Monday at 8 p.m. and Tuesday at 9.30 a.m. All gatherings will be live streamed by clicking on or “Freemount Church Live Stream”.

Mass Broadcast: Mass broadcast on television on RTE News Now channel every weekday at 10.30 am. Every other week there is a Mass on Sundays at 11am on RTE1 television.

On other Sundays there is a service at this time but on those Sundays there is a mass after 2 PM on RTE News Now channel.

community food service

The James O’Keefe Institute, Duhlo Community Food Services in Newmarket provides home delivery meal service for the elderly or those isolated in quarantine or cocooning. Meals can be booked on long or short term basis. Dinner and dessert cost €7.50. Delivered to your doorstep every day from Monday to Friday. The menu changes daily and special diets are catered for. Cold food is also available to heat at home if needed. 029-76375 for more information. contact at orlath/olive

used stamp

If you have used tickets you can hand them over to the Heritage Center any morning.

history website

If you would like to keep up with the progress of our History website, please log on to You can see your own photo. We would also like to hear from you.

GAA Weekly Lotto

The numbers drawn last weekend were 17-19-21-30. There was no jackpot winner. The Lucky Dip winners were: 1. Mike Withers, Buntyr. 2. Mary O’Flynn, Freemount. 3. Withered Family, Tourard, Freemount. 4. Pat O’Mullen, Ballybahloe, Freemount. 5. Deirdre Wither, Buntyr. This weekend’s jackpot is €3,700. You can’t win if you’re not in.

your news

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