Neighbors finale: Fans welcome ‘perfect’ end as popular shows say goodbye


ans hailed the final episode of Neighbors on Friday night, following the iconic Australian soap’s farewell.

Millions of people attended as the show aired its final episode after 37 years on television, featuring former stars such as Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Margot Robbie, and Guy Pearce.

The opening of the 8,903rd episode saw Susan Kennedy – played by Jackie Woodburn – getting sad when she sees all the houses for sale on Ramsay Street.

Harold Bishop, reprimanded by Ian Smith for the final episodes, tells Susan and her husband Carl that they are the “last custodians” of the area and suggests they write the introduction to a “History of Ramsay Street” photo album. .

The ending won the hearts of viewers, with many labeling it “pretty perfect”.

“How do you end a show that’s been on the air for almost four decades? Just like that,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “The chef’s kiss was perfect to describe the Susan/Jackie ending as she has done the heavy lifting for 28 years. Please give her a loogie.”

“After 37 years, I love the way it ended. Not ashamed to admit the tears, but smiling…..thanks to your neighbors,” another person tweeted.

TV presenter Sarah Harris revealed she was moved to tears after watching the final episode of Nostalgia.

Referring to the final storyline where everyone on Ramsay Street briefly put their houses up for sale, one person joked: “Contestants renovating all the houses on Ramsay St in the next season of The Block. shall be.”

The star-studded line-up includes a trio who went on to chart success as singers after their time in Erinsborough: Delta Goodrem, who played Nina Tucker, Natalie Amberglia, Jo Beth Brennan and Holly Valance who played the role of Felicity Scully.

Oscar nominee Margot Robbie, who played Donna Friedman and is currently filming the live-action Barbie movie, also had a sweet message: “My years living on Ramsay Street were honestly the best of my life.” Those were the best years.”

Libby and Billy Kennedy (Cam Valentine and Jesse Spencer), Joe Mengel (Mark Little), Steph Scully (Carla Bonner), Lance Wilkinson (Andrew Beebe) and Stuart Parker (Blair McDonough) all also offered their congratulations.

After an emotional tribute, Melanie (Justin Pearson) and Toddy (Ryan Moloney) decide to stay on Ramsay Street, as do Paul (Stephen Dennis) and Terese (Rebecca Elmologlou) after they get back together.

Pearce’s character, Mike Young, also makes a decision and tells Jane that he wants to buy a property down the street and give their relationship another go, which makes her emotional.

As Ramsay Street characters past and present come together one last time during the street party’s wedding reception, Susan delivers a moving speech.

She says: “When we moved to Ramsay Street, the community was already here – the Ramsays and Robinsons.

“The stories of those early days are legendary and their legacy lives on today. There have been many families over the years of all shapes and sizes, some of them unexpected. And the friends who became like family, even Relatives or not.

“Love has always been a central thing. How many Ramsays were born on the street?

“Things rarely go smoothly, of course, but they usually work out in the end.

“I think about all the people who never crossed paths who could have been great friends and the people we welcomed or didn’t. The street always has a way of bringing people back. Is.

He also depicted friends and neighbors who are no longer with him, including the ghostly figures of characters who died in the crowd, including Erinsborough stalwart Madge Bishop played by Anne Charleston.

Susan concluded: “I think you have to acknowledge everything, celebrate everything – the good, the bad because it all makes us who we are.

“Everyone deserves a place in Ramsay Street history, even those who watched us from afar. Together we are the perfect combination.”

The end credits then showed a montage of images of the characters before a message appeared on the screen: “Thank you for loving us, we love you.”