Netflix simulates life shining before your eyes with its new ‘Before Your Eyes’ mobile game – Meczyki.Net

Netflix free Tomorrow is the July slate of mobile games, adding a slew of new titles. One game, in particular, called “Before Your Eyes,” uses eye-tracking technology that moves the story every time the camera detects that you’re blinking. Netflix also launched ‘Mahjong Solitaire’ on 26th July.

“Into the Breach” is also a part of this month’s slate. The mobile version—which is exclusive to the streamer—is available on the Netflix app starting July 19.

Netflix knows it needs to improve its game (pun intended) and its mobile game venture to become a strong contender in the market. It’s likely that Netflix chose “Into the Breach” because it’s a high-profile, award-winning game. The indie hit won Best Strategy Game at the 2018 Game Awards, so it’s no surprise that Netflix wanted its hands on the title.

“Into the Breach” is a tactical strategy game that challenges players to assemble a squad of pilots and mechs and participate in turn-based battles against an alien enemy.

Recently, an improved version of “Into the Breach” was Update On PC, Switch and Stadia. With five new squads, 15 achievements, nearly 40 new weapons, a dozen missions, and more, the new upgraded version also gives users seven new languages—Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish (Latin America). ) ) Netflix informed Meczyki.Net that the mobile version has similar content.

“Before Your Eyes” is a critically acclaimed adventure title that It was initially launched in 2021 on Microsoft Windows. The game tells the story of Benjamin Bryan, who encounters a recently deceased man. Ferryman who is tasked with transporting souls to the afterlife.

Netflix offers the game’s exclusive mobile debut, allowing players to experience memories of Brian by using the mobile device’s camera to capture players’ eyelashes. The player starts from his early childhood, blinks, then moves on to other important moments.

The PC version also uses eye-tracking technology, however, a webcam is required which may not be available to all users. Players can choose to play with the mouse and click instead of blinking. Netflix offers games to its subscribers, who may not have the necessary equipment to play the game on a computer, yet still want to test out the cool technology.

As we all know, blinking is an involuntary mechanism, so it can be frustrating for players to compete with their phones to stare at a particular scene. But the game operates on this notion of “life flashing before your eyes”. So, if you miss something, doesn’t this life slip away in the blink of an eye?

For players who don’t want to cry uncontrollably, “Mahjong Solitaire” is a simple single-player tile matching game with 300 puzzles as well as daily challenges and achievements. The game also has different themes and backgrounds, as opposed to “Stranger Things”.

Netflix Games launched in 2021, and currently, there are over 25 games available. company Told It wants to release more than 50 games by the end of the year.

To play Netflix mobile games, subscribers can get them for free in the Netflix streaming app in the dedicated game line. Subscribers can play the game on Android and iOS devices.

The streamer offers simple games to pass the time, such as “shooting hoops” and “bowling ballers.” There are also original games on their own merits, including “Stranger Things,” “The Queen’s Gambit,” and “Money Heist.”

Netflix has so far acquired three game studios, namely Boss Fight Entertainment, the creators of “Dungeon Boss”; Night School Studios, known for the supernatural title “Oxenfree”; and Next Games (“Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales”).

In April, Streamer announced that it would launch an “Explosive Kittens” mobile game and animated series based on the famous card game. This was the first time Netflix released a game with a TV series from the same franchise.

The company explained during its fourth-quarter earnings call in January that gaming is the way to understand what content Netflix customers want. “We think the time is right to learn more about how our members value sports,” the company said. The streaming service expects games to be valuable enough to help existing customers stay and drive new subscriptions.

Netflix has yet to reveal how well its games are performing. The company told Meczyki.Net that it does not disclose the number of players.

It’s debatable whether any of these titles is good enough to attract new customers or if it justifies that hard-to-swallow subscription price. In its last earnings report, Netflix disclosed a subscriber loss of 970,000—nearly a million—and its biggest quarterly loss to date.