New and used cars are inaccessible to families.

Chihuahua Morena’s bench in the state congress ruled in favor of keeping a registry of foreign-origin vehicles, as their presence is a social reality in the Chihuahua area and their expenses are within the reach of families.

The bench’s leader, Deputy Kohtmok Estrada, sent a message of relief to the sectors that have issued alerts for the move, as from their point of view it is a good move that would provide legal assurance of property to their families. ۔ Other aspects of security, starting with the fact that they entered the national territory through corrupt means.

Deputy Maria Antonita Perez confirmed the message to the Business Coordinating Council, as she said she believed the presidential decree would not change the automotive agency market, and called for the importation of opportunistic vehicles. ۔ According to the income of the families

“We’re going to ask the president of the Business Coordinating Council to be on the same page as vice president, and we’re going to urge carmakers and car dealers to come up with cars that are really affordable for the citizens.” So far they are cars with at least 300,000 paise with 12% annual interest, which is impossible for families.

Author: Meczyki

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