New controversy in Road Council, shows CLIP and Automotive Cluster, El Siglo de Torreón

The Advisory Council of Roads dismissed the chairman of the Lagunero Council of the Private Initiative (CLIP) and the chairman of the Automotive Cluster, José Luis Hotema de Santiago and María Luisa Morales Salas, respectively, for accusing the owner, Avelino Pérez Martínez, of expelling them on a arbitrarily and authoritarianly.

Morales Salas pointed out that yesterday they would have a council meeting via the Zoom platform, but a few moments before they were deregistered from the WhatsApp group where the council’s activities take place, in addition to being denied access to the session.

“We make it known for the misconduct of its President, Avelino Pérez, because it is in an authoritarian way and without justification to acquire a citizens’ council, created by the municipality for the benefit of the citizens “, he commented.

It should be noted that a similar situation occurred with months ago the chairman of the La Laguna College of Architects, Omar Puentes, which was also excluded, on the grounds that there was an issue with his person, but not with the body he represents, however, the architects were left out of the council.

“The reason for the expulsion of the council, according to Avelino Pérez, was that the lawyer Hotema participated in a program in which the director of roads, Alejandro Gutiérrez, participated, because according to Mr. Avelino forced the Hotema program not to invite him, which is completely false, and in addition, he is outraged by the campaign that CLIP undertook to reduce the number of accidents in the city, ”explained Morales Salas.

Still, highlighted that gender-based violence is perpetrated in the council against his person, which he regretted even more, as it is a council that is dependent on Torreón’s City Council.

The President of the Automotive Cluster said that there will be a formal alienation in this regard due to Pérez Martínez’s bad behavior, who wants to be re-elected president of the Highway Council, when his second term is soon over and four years ago he also held this position.


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