New York deputy mayor arrested after raid

According to the district attorney. News for the newspaperDowney remains in jail on 250,000 unsecured bail bond. He faces charges of possession of unregistered firearms. Possession of federal badges, ID cards, and other markings Criminal possession of ten or more unregistered firearms Individual criminal possession charges for each illegal weapon and 13 individual possession of illegal silencers. Times Reports that when Mr. Down has “A pistol license, which lists other firearms, “None of the firearms listed appear in the charges against him.

Screenshot 2021-09-09at1.31.53PM.png
Brian Downey during a local meeting in May 2021 using the Golden Gate Bridge Background.

According to Rockland / Westchester Journal News., Department of Homeland Security agents conducted an investigation into Downey’s illegal online shopping, which resulted in a warrant and a raid on the deputy mayor’s home.

One of the most There are disturbing things to be discovered in the raid. “Drug Enforcement Administration Badge and Seed Holder One US Martial Badge and Holder Three FBI Badges and Seed Holders and Three Complete FBI Certificate Sets, Including Two Parts Identity Cards, Down’s Name and Photo. Other Certificates Federal Prison Jat and the Department of Justice tolerate impressions, all inside a lockbox that law enforcement says Downey told them he did not know how to open.

Law enforcement agencies have not provided any theory as to what Mr. Downey intended to do with the arsenal of weapons and fake identities. One thing is clear: Mr. Downey is either not really understanding the law, or he is really deceived into understanding his place in our society. New York has more serious gun laws online than most states. You can’t even buy or sell realistically. Toy gun In New York State That law has been in the books for years.

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