Newcastle lineup soup for Keller Nawaz.

PSG goalkeeper Keller Nawas has received an update on his interest in Newcastle’s services.

what’s the matter?

According to the Spanish shop Estadio Deportivo.The new owners of Newcastle, PIF, are vying for the goalkeeper of PSG.

The report claims. Mike Ashley is one of the players on the wish list to transfer Nawas Magpies after taking over the PIF club, along with Moro Accordi and Philippe Coutinho.

Should Newcastle sign Nawas?





Fans will love it.

Newcastle should make sure they can sign on line for Nawas in the January window as it will be a significant addition to the squad. Fans will love the statement of intent that will be sent with his signature, as Shot Stop is an established, decorated, high-profile player in European football.

At 34, Nawas will not be signing for the long term, but that does not mean he will not have a positive impact on the club’s future. If they can get their reputation through the door, it can persuade others to follow suit and join the project. 0 210 thousand per week Money is probably the newest trailblazer in the history of Magpies.

Earlier this year, PSG boss Mauricio Pochettino praised Nawas’ impact on the team. he said:

“We can say that his deeds reflect his quality. He only proves that he is at the highest level in the world.

“I think we all saw it tonight. There are good and bad times in football. In a match, you have to know how to catch. We managed to do that with the help of our great goalkeeper. , Who made the difference.

Nawas has played over. 200 During his career with Real Madrid and PSG, he won an eye-opener. Three Champions League title, among others. Trophies. However, he is currently playing second fiddle. European Championship Player of the Tournament. Gyanlogi Donaruma, which may open the entrance to Newcastle.

Although he will arrive at St. James’s Park with a wealth of experience and a glimmer of respect, Costa Rica International has the quality to differentiate on the pitch despite its age. It has a thrilling 50 penalty save rate in Paris. Four out of eight He faced between the sticks for the League 1 side, and has kept. 41. Clean sheets 88. Match for PSG

Newcastle supporters will no doubt be happy.

And in other news, The PIF should preserve the NUFC soup for 31.5 million rated animals, which is “almost impossible to mark.”

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