Newcastle must revive its interest in mobile phones.

Newcastle United fans have a reason to be excited about their football club. Official certification That the Saudi Arabian consortium PIF has completed its occupation of Mike Ashley.

They are Allegedly expected Bringing back Tinside to create a spark in the Transide market in the coming years, which could begin in the January transfer window.

This comes after their attempt to take over Newcastle in 2020. Blocked During his first attempt by the Premier League, he had a player in mind to replace the upcoming XI – Ciro Immobile.

The Italian striker revealed at the end of the transfer window that PIF had been in contact with his agent on a possible switch before taking over the deal in St. James Park and that Amy Mobile was staying in Lazio.

He told Courier Dello Sport, through Express: “During the period during which there was talk of a possible purchase of Newcastle from Sheikh’s fund, he called my agent Alessandro Mogi.

“Then the Premier League did not approve the proposal, or withdrew the funds. I don’t remember very well.”

Should Newcastle target immobiles?





Sharer 2.0.

Now that they have finally completed their purchase of Newcastle, PIF should resume its interest and contact the mobile’s agent over the phone. He clearly felt that he would be a suitable signer a year ago and the striker has not seen anything happen in the last 12 months that could change that view, so he should hit it again.

Immobile is a deadly goal scorer who has proven himself time and time again for Lazio in Italy, and PIF can detect it by bringing in Newcastle’s next Alan Shearer.

Does that sound like an exaggeration of the mobile’s capabilities to compare it to a sharer? Good

Italian journalist and coach Giancarlo Paduan once compared him to Italian legend Christian Verry and called his form “stratospheric” for Lazio. he said: “Amobile reminds me a lot of Christian Vary and that should reassure Italy in terms of scoring goals. Then there’s the belt. Unlike Imobile, he has always played well with the national team. Yes, but less in the national team.

Share ended his career. 206 out of 405 goals Appearance for Tone Army, which means he scored one goal in every 1.96 matches for the club. In the meantime, the mobile has scored. 156 goals in 227 matches For Lazio in all competitions, working on one goal in every 1.45 matches.

This does not mean that Immobile is a better striker for Newcastle than Shearer, as it is impossible to say with a difference in the quality of Serie A and Premier League. However, he suggests that if he adopts English football, he will be able to score similar goals for Magpies, as he has shown remarkable consistency and quality for Lazio over the years.

Therefore, PIF should resume its interest in immobile in January or next summer and attract its wealth to St. James Park so that it can achieve the main goal of the club.

And in other news, PIF can lift the roof in Newcastle with “extraordinary” closures, fans will love it.

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