Newcastle United should refrain from hiring Eddie Howe.

Newcastle United owners should avoid making the first big mistake of the new era by hiring Eddie Howe.

What is the story

The 43-year-old has been out of action since the summer of 2020 when he left the former club Bournemouth by mutual consent. Reports Over the past few months, he has been in the fray for a job at Celtic.

However, it collapsed at the last minute, with Ang Postikoglu taking over the reins of Park Head.

And now, after the capture of Magpies by the PIF, it belongs to Athletic’s George Calkin. Revealed That the members of the board have discussed the name of Howe among themselves.

Worse than Bruce.

Although Bruce hasn’t taken on Newcastle since playing freeflow football or climbing on the table, he hasn’t taken Magpies down, at least since he took charge – which can’t be said.

In fact, when you compare the management figures of the two because they were both in the Premier League, Bruce actually. Average With 1.17 more points per game, while Howe is sitting at a slightly lower. 1.11..

What makes it even worse is that even though Cherry was seen as a ‘new’ addition to the top flight, they were generally big spenders in the transfer market.

From the 2015/2016 season that Bournemouth gave him a place in the Premier League, he. Spent Nearly 50 50 million in his first year, 37 37 million in his second year, another مل 30 million in his third, £ 80 million in his fourth, and then about £ 50 million in his last campaign in charge – all of which completed Newcastle. As blown water.

Would you be happy with Eddie Howe?





Howe is not the kind of eye-catching administrative appointment that will make pulses run in St. James’s Park or really lift the spirits. PIF has the perfect opportunity to ride the wave, hire someone with a little gravity or real talent and shine in your name.

A few years ago, Howe must have had an impressive meeting during a flight to Bournemouth. But the end of his tenure, and the fact that his lavish spending at the club eventually saw him retreat, is certainly not good enough to make him the man to lead Newcastle’s new era.

during this, Newcastle is looking forward to this historic appointment.

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