Next spring it will be emerald and electric blue, and Lorina Saravia knows it – El Financiro

Next year, spring will be colorful and electric. That’s how you see it Lorina Saravia

Presented by a Mexican designer. Spring / Summer 2022 Collection, Where simple and neutral accents, but also some notable ones, were the main characters of the catwalk.

The pieces of Saravia are known for their beauty and timeless style. For this collection, the creator also created loose silhouettes on pants and clothes. The latter has cuts on the back.

It’s all in the details: fabric belt to match the blazer, round buttons on the sleeves and skirt holes and ruffles.

As a complement, a collection that launched a wide range of shoes this year. Cow girl In black and white (whichever is available). Orange).

The collection was unveiled on the fourth day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico (MBFWMx) at Casa Basalta in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

Lorena Saravia is Mexican and studied fashion design at the Universidad Felicidad Dice in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

She launched her own clothing brand in 2010. Prior to that, he worked with designers such as Macario Jimenez.

She was also the first winner of the Vogue competition. Who’s next In Latin America (2013) Most recently, Sarvia appeared on a reality show. Next in fashion. (2020), available on Netflix.


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