NFT summer is in full swing in New York amid crypto winter – Meczyki.Net

image credit: techcrunch

This week’s NFT NYC conference has brought together hordes of Web3 enthusiasts in Times Square in an extravagant celebration against the far less-enthusiastic crypto market. There are yacht parties, celebrity cameos and even a Snoop Dogg impersonator running around the event.

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This week on our show, we talked The NFT market and why it may provide some respite from the tale of total doom and gloom going on in technology these days. We also talked about another major sub-sector of Web3 – DAO – and unpacked two recent news stories about DAO drama.

We also went back to some of the news involving Sue, Dogecoin and Elon Musk, the “Dogfather”.

Our Guests: Latashas

We spoke with music and visual artist Latasha this week about how she’s used NFTs to claim ownership of her creative works, and to help other artists do the same. She also shared what she is hosting at NFT NYC, her experience at a festival called Zoratopia on behalf of the NFT platform Zora, where she leads the community.

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