Niño de EU muere tras desmayarse en los brazos de su padre

Amari “K” was an eight-year-old boy who had to commit suicide in the brazos of his father when he was taken by the school on November 9th.

The child was originally from Oregon, United States, y luego de derrumbarse ante su papá, fue llevado de emergencia al hospital, was declared a mourner of one cerebral hemorrhage sin syntomas.

In agreement with the report, Amari “K” listened to the school and in the course of the commencement of the sentence felt ill, as the authorities of the collegiate college told his parents that he should be prosecuted.

The doctors who treat each other in a minor way inform the mother of Amari that she has a cerebral hemorrhage que a la postre le causó la muerte.

The relatives of the niño sign on to the site Gofundme, where a collection is made, which the child does not present scintillation before going to school, and which includes a corridor to board the bus that takes him to school all days.

Amari “K” intervened in the hospital, where doctors tried to drain the mass of blood that was kept in the cave, to reduce the pressure inside the skull; posterior fue traslado a otra infantile medical unit in the same state, however, with limited cerebral activity.

After being treated by three neurologists, the little Amari “K” got sick.

The family of the little one made a collection on the site Gofundme to dissolve his medical guests, but the efforts no powder can avoid his failure.



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