Nizam Salangi, owner of Broome Grove Pizza Shop, has been sentenced to at least 18 years in prison for killing his wife

Bromsgrove’s killer, Nizam Salangi, was sentenced Thursday (June 23) to at least 18 years in prison for killing his wife in a pizza parlor. The disgusting husband was convicted last month of killing 28-year-old housewife Zubeida Salangi before burying her in the forest.

Salangi, the 44-year-old owner of Prego Pizza, was sentenced to life in prison by Worcester Crown Court in Austin Road, Bromsgrove, at least 18 years. Judge Nicholas Hilliard noted that Salangi had never offered an explanation for the murder, insisting earlier that he was still alive and that the body found by police was not his.

Salangi helped his two younger brothers, who lived together in Adamscraft Place, Kerfley, Cardiff, to help cover up the death. Muhammad Ramin Salangi, 31, who traveled 90 miles from Cardiff to help bury the body, was sentenced today to six years in prison for helping a convict.

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Muhammad Yassin Salangi, 34, who spells his name differently, stopped at the Brothers’ Manhattan Kitchens takeway in Cardiff but was found guilty of playing a “significant role” in covering up the crime and planning to hide the body over phone calls. was found. He was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison.

Judge Hilliard acknowledged that the two brothers had acted out of “misguided loyalty” to the system but said they would realize that the death was due to “serious harm” to Zubeida.

Both of Nizam’s brothers are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to their violent experiences at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Muhammad Ramin was a security guard at coalition camps and Muhammad Yassin, a spokesman for the US and British forces, was praised for his “ideal” role and work.

(LR) Ramin Salangi and Muhammad Yaseen Salangi.
(Photo: West Murcia Police)

All the brothers had fled the Taliban in Afghanistan, who were targeting them, working hard for a better life in Britain, after gaining political asylum and building a business, the court heard. Nizam came to the UK in 2002 when he was 24 years old. He originally lived in Scotland and married before moving to Birmingham as a sales manager at a cash and carry warehouse.

He settled in Bromsgrove with his second wife, Zubeida, through a arranged marriage in 2012. She was a friend of his sister in Afghanistan. The couple set up Praego Pizza in 2015 and initially lived in a flat above the store before moving to a family home on nearby Talbot Road, but the marriage went awry.

Judge Mr Justice Hilliard said in his sentencing: “The system in Zubeida’s wallet contained pictures of her two children. It was clearly dedicated to her and was the reason for her survival.”

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“It is clear that the marriage has been unhappy for some time and I believe that Nizam had tortured her, slapped her on the spot and pulled her hair, which is why she shortened it.

“Every day, Nizam threatens to kill her. It is clear that the relationship has broken down. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling her must have come to her mind,” Zubeida said.

The judge said he believed Nizam had intended to kill his wife because he had no remorse, the body was covered and it was later claimed he was alive.

Zubaida Salangi'S Grave Site In The Woods On The Side Of The Road Between Copy Holt Lane And Black Lake Lane In Bromgrove
Zubaida Salangi’s grave site in the woods on the side of the road between Copy Holt Lane and Black Lake Lane in Bromgrove
(Photo: Google Maps)

Zubeida’s family sent a heartbreaking statement from Afghanistan, saying the “brutal” killing had affected the entire family. One of Zubeida’s sisters had an abortion when she was seven months pregnant and the other failed the university entrance exam.

He further added that Zubeida’s mother was suffering from severe depression while her father was silent most of the time and did not go out in public. He said Zubeida’s father “laughs less” and had not taken part in any celebrations since.

The family statement said: “Zubeida’s brutal and brutal murder has affected our family and we are still deeply traumatized and distressed. Zubeida was a kind mother to her children and a responsible wife to her husband.

Prego Pizza, Austin Road, Bromsgrove, Where Zubeida Salangi Was Killed.
Prego Pizza, Austin Road, Bromsgrove, where Zubeida Salangi was killed.
(Photo: Google Maps)

“During the contact with the family, her grief and pain was clear. She said everything was fine and I was taking care of the children.

Zubeida studied in Afghanistan under very difficult circumstances and was admitted to a college with high grades. She had many aspirations for Afghanistan and Britain.

“She has been snatched away from us and her children with great cruelty. We will suffer for the rest of our lives. This pain, suffering and suffering will never go away, but what reduces our pain is that if If justice is done, justice can be done. We all. “

The six-week trial heard how the cold-hearted killer Salangi had been embroiled in an unsettled, unhappy marriage for eight years. Salangi, who worshiped at Birmingham Central Mosque, reported his wife missing on April 1, 2020, when a friend of his, Heath, teased him to tell officers about her disappearance.

He even sent her fake text messages from her phone to explain her disappearance. Texts claimed he had left her to run away with another man, but detectives later learned that Salangi, with the help of his brother Muhammad Ramin, had buried his body in a makeshift grave at night. Had done

It took West Murcia police more than six months to find Zubeida’s body in a forest fork on the road between Copy Holt Lane and Black Lake Lane outside Bromsgrove. Police first searched the scene after he went missing, but failed to dig deep enough to find the body.

When Zubeida’s body was found wrapped in bin bags and a primer was found that matched the family’s home seat, it was badly designed to determine the cause of death.

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