Nizam Salangi, the killer of his wife, killed his honest friend by lying and he called the police

A cold-blooded murderer who killed his wife and dumped her body in the jungle to avoid an “unhappy marriage”, saw her lie exposed after an honest friend reported it to the police. Forced on Nizam Salangi made text messages to show that his second wife, Zubeida, had left him for another man and was planning to leave the country.

He met his friend Abdullah Samimi to reunite with him – and told him he “didn’t need to tell the police” because his wife had left him. But Mr Sami has repeatedly called on West Mercia police to report his disappearance.

The pressure led to an investigation that eventually led to the discovery of the victim’s remains – and found that the 44-year-old Broomsgro Pizza Store owner was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, June 23, with a minimum of 18 years in prison. Zubaida, 28, was a math teacher. Live in Afghanistan.

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She went missing on March 28, 2020. Despite police searching for the location where he was buried shortly after his disappearance, police did not find his remains until October 16, 2020. He was buried in the woods in the middle of a fork in the road between Copyholt Lane. Black Lake Lane, in Lower Bentley, on the outskirts of Bromsgrove.

Nizam’s younger brothers – Muhammad Yaseen Salangi, 33, and Muhammad Ramin Salangi, 31 – who live together in Adam Craft Place, Kerfley, Cardiff, and write their surnames differently, also sought to dispose of the culprit’s body. I was found guilty of aiding and abetting. . Mohammad Ramin was sentenced to six years and Mohammad Yaseen to four years and nine months in prison today. Both can be released halfway through their terms on the license.

Inspired Prego Pizza in Austin Road, Bromsgrove, and Zubaida Selangi, who was running the takeaway with her husband Nizam Selangi.

Mr. Sami, a family man from Smallheath and a hardworking shopkeeper, took Salangi to Birmingham Central Mosque because they were both from Afghanistan, from where the killer had fled to escape the Taliban. At the time of the 2020 assassination, Mr. Sammy had known Salangi of Austin Road, Bromsgrove for almost six years because he saw other people at Eid and other celebrations.

Mr Sami told the murder trial that Salangi had unexpectedly returned to his shop in Erdington and then to his home a few days after Zubeida’s disappearance. According to prosecutor Simon Dennison QC, the killer, unaware of it – the court heard he was in an “unhappy marriage” – was starting to make a cover story about why his wife left him. Was

Salangi showed Mr. Sami messages he had sent from his wife’s phone to give the impression that he had left her and their children for a new lover. Concerned about his safety, Mr Sami urged his friend to call the police.

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Presenting evidence during the murder trial, Mr. Sami recounted how he repeatedly asked Salangi: ‘Have you called your wife? Have you had any contact with him? Mr Sami even called her number for Salangi if she was avoiding her husband’s calls. But the phone was dead – like the tragic mother of two Zubaydahs.

Little did Mr. Sami realize that while he was consoling his friend, caring for his children and feeding him under his roof, the deceitful Salangi would trap his friend in his lies. Were trying to be part of

“I asked him if he had eaten anything and he said he had not eaten for two days,” Mr Sami recalled to the jury. “I told her, ‘Drink this food and then, please, call the police.’

(Lr) Ramin Salangi And Muhammad Yaseen Salangi, Who Were Convicted Of Helping Their Brother Cover Up The Murder.
(LR) Ramin Salangi and Muhammad Yaseen Salangi, who were convicted of helping their brother cover up the murder.
(Photo: West Murcia Police)

Mr Sami kept asking Salangi if he had called the police in the next few hours. When Salangi made an excuse, the friend, with the help of his wife, resorted to calling officers from his home in Small Heath.

It was an emergency call that prompted police to launch an investigation into his wife’s disappearance. He later found Zubeida’s missing hangbags and other items hidden in a flat above Salangi’s pizza parlor on Austin Road.

Months later, his body was found wrapped in a plastic sheet and a primer dew resembling the seat of the Salangi family home. The woman’s body was so decomposed that the cause of death could not be ascertained.

During the trial, prosecutor Mr Dennison said Salangi “lied from the list of people to cover up his wife’s death”. The jury was told that Salangi was an “elegant liar” who “lied to everyone”.

The messages he had sent on Salangi’s phone from Zubeida’s phone were read out in court. Under the pretext of being, he wrote that he “never liked Britain”. Another wrote: “Don’t contact me anymore, I have a boyfriend and I will leave the infidel country soon. Go away, I have a boyfriend and I don’t need you anymore.”

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