No Function Strategia de Abrazos: Mario Vazquez

Ciudad Juárez.- After the executions and talks that register Chihuahua in various variants of its municipalities, the Coordinator of the Grupo Parliamentary de Acción Nacional (GPPAN), Mario Vázquez Robles, said that there is no such thing as “the deloisation of deals” The Governorate of Maria Eugenia Campos is showing the inclusion of political volunteers in the study of the epicenters of Violence, as in the case of Cerocahui.

Before the real conversion of the Integral Reform to the Chihuahua Political Constituency in Juarez, the legislator panicked the great camouflage that the plant is reforming, but destined that the Violence is not over yet. “This is a national dynamic”, he said.

In an interview with Meczyki, Vázquez Robles also talked about politics. Assuming that the gubernatorial guruship, the PAN chihuahuense is an example of how to contain morena, and so that Campos is concentrated in the antecedent that serves as the candidate for the presidency in Launaca, 202202, the local government .

“I want to be completely in my business. To make a policy means the possibility of a new one.

“In the 2021 election, we are in a very good situation as the state is going to be able to contain more people.”

About the private initiative

The lawmaker asserted that there was no salute to him that he could do so that he could avanza the la ayuda to the most humiliating if he did not have the help of this fortification of productivity.

“The goblins don’t have a fabric, we don’t care about privacy, we don’t care, we don’t care, we don’t care about the possibility,” he said. , sealale en sealale en se tornosérópezérés de la población de los mempresarios mexicanos.

“There is no viability if there is no privacy initiative that combines its function, sea solidarity and support for the tributation, the generation of employees, for the betterment of society in its conjunction”, planteó.

Alianzas entre partidos

In this electoral theme, from 2024 onwards, it seems that the aliens with other partisan politicians have, at this moment, are impressive, but it must be that if it is necessary then it is the PRI.

“In those states where there are elevations, in which there is an alien, there are two favorable results; This is what happens when you are angry, if you are angry with the alienza, if you have a feeling for someone who wants to gobernar, because no solamente is ganarle a Morena “.

“We want this, we want to make a great alien in what we want for the future for the country”, destacó. But everyone has to meditate, reconcile.

“Hay que saber perciber la realidad y el sentir ciudadano, que eso nos dé la pauta para saber si es con el PRI o con el PRI ya no, saber si otras fuerzas politicas, sobre todo las fuerzas sociales, se un puedancorpore in gratis. The project of logic, which is very logical, is not so diagnostic “.

About the gobernadora, the pancreatic abundance: As many citizens are politically active for PAN. Chihuahua has maintained a high degree of dynamic favor in favor of PAN, but Maru has a lot of responsiveness.

It has a great deal to do with its citizens, experiencing probable as alkaloids, actually like gobernadora, and is expecting results; Your charisma is enviable for many, not easily able to see any political, but you also have the responsibility of governing Chihuahua ”.

The Congress of the State initiated the first round to hear the various sectors for the integration of the constituency.

And so it was, that all the fuerzas politicized in the state were making their first impression of an initiative, a document that would somehow consult the parliamentary mechanisms, to complete the sectarianism.

The first of these is the human race, created by Vesquez, because in the final counts a constitution contains norms, principles, general rules; “Our constitution has to be aligned to the federal constituency, to the generals in every material, to international treatments”, he wrote.

Protection of human beings

Explain that, since the privilege of human rights, because of the relationship between Estado-Gobierno, there is a series of dispositions that have raised a constitutional law in the state’s embankment to promote, to protect the state’s embassies.

Give it a chance to fortify the participation of the citizens in the Gobierno concept of democratic governance, which implicates in the design of public politics the participation of the citizens. From the diagnostic, design, execution and evaluation of the Mayor’s participation in logarithmic talent, insights and visions, eliminating part of the discrepancies of the librarians of the liberals

Vázquez enfatizó que hay una mayor conciencia de este grupo parliamentario respecto del momento que viv el país, de la necesidad de reivindicar la acción del diputado, tan demeritada.

Grupos criminals fortalecen, señala

In the theme of Violence, I hope that she lives in all the world and that Chihuahua does not live up to the dynamics, as if executing the ancient infantrymen in Jalisco and Zacatecas, or those who have no faith Roo.

“Yo tengo mis hypatesis, a mi juicio no está funcionando la estrategia de los abrazos de parte del Presidente en este Gobierno Federal”, señaló. “We see that the groups have fortified themselves by taking part in the idea that from the Federal Governorate that they are still holding on to each other, as if the delusion was something else that we will admit as necessary.”

“Even the state, for sure, but revisits what it likes in the country, that you meet the president treating the man or the gobernador (Campos) to the front of the problems, attending to the inclusive problems, attending el país “insistió

“Nevertheless, the act has a lot to do with it, the act is fundamental and that communicates when there is fortification, the valentine, the gallard ,a, how can we go with our governor Aquí in Juárez, this is the polity with this valent” agregó.

Given that the congress will be very modified and see which leys are there that will not allow us to recognize the impunity, as a form of making a freight out of these delicacies that appear in the most delicate.

“Create that impunity is this element that you perceive in an invertebrate to delineate when there is no castiga with efficacy to quote a delight, and I do not refine solo to the delitos of the high impact (…) Hay delitos de alto impacto ) Hay delitos una delitos que van convirtiendo en la violetia y el actuar mal en un actuar regular ”, comment, y dejo que un ejemplo de lo que debe hacer esta Legislatura está en las reformas al código penal en cuanto a las penas a los delincuentes .